Starting the search for executive recruitment software



Covid-19 has led everyone to understand and appreciate the importance of technology. Remote working in the recruitment industry would have been very challenging without executive recruitment software. Many executive search firms are gearing to invest in recruiting software to prepare for every kind of situation. Suppliers of executive search software suggest paying attention to the different software features before settling in for the most suitable software.

It is imperative to begin the search by noting down the most important recruitment tasks. This list draws head-hunters closer to acknowledging what software features the job requires.

•                CV parsing and branding

•                Creating reports

•                Conducting right-to-work checks

•                Integrating with different social media platforms

Many head-hunters find themselves spending hours going through hundreds of executive CVs. A good executive recruitment software can parse and brand CVs in a matter of minutes, saving many hours of the head-hunter’s time. Automating these and other repetitive tasks take a load off a recruiter’s responsibility.

Progress reports have to be consistently provided to clients who use these to stay updated about the candidate search. The software users are encouraged to use the platform to document every step of the executive search process. This helps to automatically generate an accurate and useful report every single time. Head-hunters are no longer required to create charts or worry about leaving out an important detail in the report.

An important but very complicated and delicate part of the recruitment process is conducting right-to-work checks on candidates. Executive recruitment firms are expected to be equipped with the know-how and skill to execute these compliance checks accurately. It is, however, easier said than done as it requires an understanding of different legal data. A mistake can be costly. Getting recruitment software to oversee this important work has a huge difference. It is extremely convenient for head-hunters to leave this task to the software with full confidence in its ability to perfectly execute compliance checks. It saves a lot of time. The software is also able to remind head-hunters when the next round of inspection is due.

Building on a candidate pool is an ongoing task for every recruiter. Executive search is more competitive than traditional recruitment which means that head-hunters need to be more proactive in their search. Networking is very important. Executives use social media platforms to socialize with peers and keep up with recent industry news. A good quality recruitment software can integrate with a network of social media platforms. It benefits head-hunters as they don’t need to manually copy and store information from every social media account. It promotes a seamless switch between platforms like LinkedIn and the recruitment software.

All these facilities allow head-hunters to direct their attention to what matters- cultivating stronger relationships. These are just the fundamental tools of good executive recruitment software. Head-hunters involved in this search for the best executive search software will do well to consult their colleagues. It is important to observe recruiting challenges that crop up regularly as it helps them note the must-have tools in the software.

Most of the quality software suppliers encourage search firms to sit through software demos. These live demos are a great opportunity to see what the software is like, how easy it is to navigate, whether it can solve the head-hunter’s problems, etc.

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Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.