The Future Of Education Technology: Trends For 2021

Today we see that technology has been successfully embedded into every little aspect of our lives,and has become an addiction without which it’s nearly impossible to grow and bring advancement.

Technology has been incorporated in the education field to bring vast changes in teaching, and to develop minds by increasing passion for knowing and learning, but if it’s not used intelligently it can annihilate habits which will lead to social isolation in future.

Websites like Spellquiz served greatly among digital learning platforms in times of COVID-19 pandemic. It has effectively solved all spelling learning problems of students and teachers through a number of activities regarding spelling learning and vocabulary building.

They have recently introduced a new feature to their website called spelling city which has more than 50+ spelling games and activities that will assist in elevating spelling learning skills from home.

Now it’s important for teachers to understand that simply using technology will not necessarily bring about positive changes to a classroom. It still requires effective technology integration along with thoughtful planning on the part of the teacher in order to improve student learning outcomes, increase engagement, facilitate self-guided learning, etc.

Now after deep research here I found top 10 education technology trends of 2021 that can be included in future teaching strategies.

1. Video based learning

The first trend in the list is video based learning. Higher education departments have already switched to video based education, thanks to COVID for the dynamic change in the IT field.

The lectures will now be recorded which will help students to watch the videos as per their convenience and also rewatch them if necessary to achieve proper understanding of the topics.

2. Blockchain

The other trend is Blockchain. Blockchain will help to digitalize the storage of syllabus and also it will help in providing access only to the authentic users by ensuring proper security. The data can be easily shared among the users using blockchain.

3. Online assessment techniques

We all are fairly aware of the online assessments system. Online assessments and evolution will actually simplify the process of conducting examinations like english vocabulary test. Such AI driven assessments can also assist teachers in analyzing the student’s performance efficiently.

4. Self paced learning

Everyone has their own pace of learning and understanding things. In this case online education can be a helping hand.

Online education will enable students to watch the online recorded lectures at their own preferred pace and time. This will lead to better understanding and great performance in future exams.

5. Artificial Intelligence

AI will assist teachers with it’s remote proctoring techniques such as facial recognition which will enable the staff to conduct the exams online with security.

Also AI based performance analysis will help reduce bias.

6. Tech and tech-driven analysis of students

Most of the institutions have already moved to tech-driven analysis. The inclusion of technology in the education performance analysis will help to provide accurate feedback of the student’s performances which will be based on their historical data. This feedback can then be further used to predict a student’s future performance as well.

7. Virtual reality

The most hyped trend of 2021 will be virtual reality. Virtual reality will provide knowledge in the form of entertainment. Students can easily learn through gaming activities and youtube videos. Thus, the knowledge acquired in such a way will be retained for a longer duration of time in the minds of students and promote healthy learning for slow learners as well.

8. Internet of things

Next in the list is Iot. The use of IoT can make education very cost effective. IoT has successfully proven beneficial in schools, colleges, universities for maintaining attendance, tracking assignments, etc.

9. Chatbots

Who does not know about chatbots today? We all are very familiar with the google assistant, alexa, seri, etc. We instantly get all our problems solved through these chatbots technology.

Chatbots have been the most engaging software in times like these. They helped in resolving queries instantly making them a famous software among students. They will help to eliminate human intervention and the administration costs too.

10.  Podcasting

Last but not the least Podcasting. The lectures recorded as podcasts can be listened to anytime by the students as per their ease.

The podcast based education can be a smart approach towards digital learning. It will help students to get visually impaired in order to get educated.

In the future technology will have a huge impact on education. It will create ways that will be more engaging to students. Just a small advice to remember “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master” so use it wisely.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.