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In our daily life data is playing a very important role. They can be text, music, video or image in format. Sometimes our work can not be done without them. We don’t want to lose our data. Still, if you lose your data or delete your information accidentally or intentionally and if the data is essential, then this can be a serious matter. The positive thing is you can recover your data. There are many ways to recover your data or regain your data.

The Best Way to Recover Your Data

First of all, you have to remember if you have any backup for your data. If you have then recovered from there and don’t, you have to work a little bit to recover it. Second is check your recycle bin on your pc. You may find your data there. If you found it, then click on the restore option and your data will be recovered. But sometimes deleted or lost data can not be found in your recycle bin option. Then you can go for some data recovery softwares or external hard drive recovery service providers.

  1. Recuva: You can go for this free data recovery software. It is user friendly and you can have unlimited free data recovery service. You can recover your data from your hard drive, SD card or USB drives through this software.
  2. Minitool power data recovery software: Minitool power data recovery software provides almost 1GB free data recovery service. You can recover most types of files through this software and it is easy to use.
  3. Disk Drill data recovery software: It is a very trustworthy software, but you can only get 500MB for a free trial then you have to go for the paid version. It is also a user-friendly software and it gives you free data protection service.
  4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: This wizard gives you about 500MB free data recovering facility. It can work both in internal and external hard drives.
  5. There are also some paid softwares like: Stellar Data Recovery Professional, DM Disk Editor etc. Through these softwares, you can get a free preview of your recoverable data, but you have to go for the paid version to recover them.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Losing Your Data:

As you can see if you lose your data, you have to lose some extra time, extra energy, and sometimes your money. So to avoid this situation you can surely get some precaution. Here are some tips for you to secure your data or to stop losing your data:

  1. Practice to backup your data: this practice is very useful because if you have backup data then there is a very low percentage to lose them. So always backup your data and maintain this with regular checks.
  2. Use antivirus software: This is possible to lose your data because of a virus. So always try to keep antivirus software in your Windows device. It will keep your data safe and secured.
  3. Use a power backup device: you can use UPS to prevent your data from losing because of power outage or power supply problem.
  4. Always maintain cleaning: You should keep your hard drives neat and clean as it can harm your device.
  5. Safe from damages: Your hard drives should be used in a safe place. Avoid liquid while using as it may damage your device.

Hopefully, you will be benefited through this and also get your desired answer. Try to avoid losing data by getting precautions and if you lose, then softwares and experts are ready to help you.

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