What Is DMCA Ignored Hosting?

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DMCA Ignored Hosting allows websites to have copyrighted content and not have to worry about it being taken down.

DMCA, or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was enacted in 1998 and served as an internet law against digital piracy, such as borrowing or posting materials that are not theirs. Examples are images, music and videos, among others.

Under DMCA copyright owners can request the organization to take down content in a page. Most of the time the content is taken down but then again, it may remain if the website is hosted under a DMCA ignored hosting.

How DMCA Ignore Works

When a penalty is served by the DMCA the participating website and hosting service will usually have to comply.

Offshore Hosting services and those that have servers that are unaffected by DMCA offer a way to preserve the content. In this way the web owner will not be strong-armed into taking them down and can continue operating as usual.

DMCA ignored websites may still need to address copyright concerns however, and in order to appease the parties a form of agreement must be reached.

DMCA Ignored Hosting Benefits

Getting a DMCA Ignored VPS can net you the following advantages:

Bypass Suspend First, Investigate Later Policy

Most hosting companies would issue a cease and desist notice then investigate the matter later even if the web owner is innocent.

Greater Freedom

Web owners who don’t want to deal with red tape can use ignored hosting and go ahead and upload content that may otherwise be disallowed.

Dispute Resolution

These hosting services will often have employees who will take care of legal disputes when a DMCA notice is served. Furthermore, they will have support and guide on how to post or upload sensitive information.

These platforms are similar to major hosting services in that you can pay via credit card, PayPal or even cryptocurrency.

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