Advantages of HRIS and Payroll Integration 



The face of Human Resources operations is changing. With the onset of various technological advancements in the field, HR is now not restricted to just administrative duties. The realm of work for HR employees has expanded considerably. HR personnel is now expected to manage employee data, ensure effective communication in the organization, boost employee morale through varied workplace activities, manage to onboard, and offboarding employees. To add another feather to the already glorious cap, the HR team is now also required to work in tandem with the finance team of the organization. This is where payroll software gets integrated with HRIS in the organization.

Payroll and HR are often looked at as two completely independent entities of any business. Although the database of these two verticals is one and the same, the processes are differently managed. Integrating Payroll with HR might construe as a formidable event, but the repercussions are rewarding. It not only makes the system more efficient but also reduces unnecessary human efforts being spent on processing duplicate tasks. According to a study conducted by PwC research in 2019, 45% of HR technology focus through 2022 will be on intelligent process automation. Advantages of merging an HRIS system with payroll software that offers complete payroll solutions are of gigantic proportions. Let’s shed some light on a few of the many benefits that you could reap if you integrate HRIS with payroll:

  • Eliminate Duplication of Data

Payroll software and HRIS software have the same database. Each database has employee records like attendance sheet, absence records, work hours, incentives & reimbursements, salary account details, expense account, taxation details, retirement funds, and many such crucial data items. HR and Finance employees both access the same data and make duplicate entries. This exhaustive double-ended process can be avoided and streamlined better by merging both HRIS and payroll verticals internally. Both the divisions can access it simultaneously.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Paperwork is never-ending and so is the paper trail that is left behind. Digitizing processes does not necessarily mean that no paper at all will be consumed. But integrating HRIS with Payroll software can drastically decrease the amount of paperwork in each department. Sustainability is a key factor for businesses to leave a positive impact on their customer base and such an integration can help businesses achieve this target easily.

  • Improved Intercommunications

A big organization has multiple teams working in harmony. But more often than not, the intercommunication chain is not that strong. This leads to confusion in the hierarchy and work being disrupted in a waterfall effect. Merging HRIS with payroll software can reduce a lot of errors and increase interdependency in a positive direction. When the HR team updates any employee data, it is automatically updated and reflected in payroll. Such processes allow the elimination of futile information ping-pong, making everything available on a single screen for everyone to see and access.

  • Employee Transparency

Any good business owner knows that a happy employee is a loyal employee. One of the ways to ensure employee loyalty and retention is a transparent communication channel. When HRIS is merged with payroll, an employee can not only monitor his working hours and absences, but he can also keep track of his due salary, incentives, and reimbursement details. Such open workspace policies empower the employee to work harder and turn that revenue into profit.

  • Efficient Payroll Processing

When salaries are due, tensions run high in any organization. Payroll software, when merged with HRIS, makes payday a cakewalk for both the HR and finance departments. The database is automatically updated to reflect the latest employee information as fed by HR employees. All that a payroll team has to do is generate salary slips in accordance with the data and voila, salaries are freshly served!

  • Cost-Effective

Implementing HR software along with a different payroll software is a dual cost. Consolidating HRIS with payroll software offers employee management along with a complete payroll solution. It is also cost-effective for businesses as all the data is centralized in one software.

There are numerous ways of achieving this worthwhile amalgamation of HRIS with payroll. We, at UZIO, are here with multiple solutions for your business so you can be a class apart from your competitors in terms of technology, innovation, and futuristic software.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.