Microstock: How to Make Quality Videos That Sell



Today, videos are powerful marketing tools, which provide a creative medium for you to sell your services or products and visually showcase your brand. The average people spend more time online watching videos than looking at pictures or reading texts.

Each microstock contributor starts from somewhere, and this may start by looking for an agency, which can support your work and earn you more income. Whether you prefer Pond5 and Adobe Stock or Shutterstock and Alamy, to make quality videos that sell, you will need the following tips:

1. Consider Making Videos Human

Look for original ways to make video content, which delights, informs, and entertains your clients. Ensure you do this without making your audience feel as if they are watching commercial videos. When videos seem fake or forced, viewers may stop watching.

Though there are various ways to prevent that, and this may range from storytelling to animation. You may create inspiring, touching, and funny videos for your audience.

2. Use an Editor

You may bypass the stress of producing quality videos when you consider using helpful tools. Many video tools now offer templates, which you may customize to meet your message or brand’s needs.

These tools will also allow you to upload videos and edit them until you achieve your intended output. You can as well use the tools to add call-to-action and text captions to your content. Some of these tools you could use include:




3. Choose the Best Background

The right background does more than just contributing a lot to your message, brand, and story. It will also help you improve the quality of your video. For example, real background, including outdoor location and living rooms, can be the easiest because you will work with what you have.

Fake backgrounds can also be great for consistency. Such backgrounds may include green papers, screens, or curtains. These backgrounds also give you the freedom to replace your actual background with everything you want. 

4. Solve Problems

Every product serves as a solution to problems. For you to maximize your sales, your videos should show that you already know what clients are going through.

At the same time, most demographics are wary of overt advertisements. In this case, you may need to be more subtle by including behind the scenes and interview footage, which shows you and your team understand problems.

5. Tell Stories

Before the inception of social media platforms, people used to rent space within the popular media channels, such as print or TV. Today, brands can use social media to directly reach the same audience.

If you need people to watch your videos, you have to create value for viewers. Tell stories, which connect with your viewers. The better your stories are, the more your viewers will understand what you offer them.

Final Thoughts!

In recent years, video content has been making inroads in digital marketing, making it a powerful tool for promoting businesses in an engaging and exciting way. 

Whether you are selling services or products, ubiquitous videos may make or break moments for your clients. To successfully create quality videos, telling stories, using editors, and choosing a good background, are some of the tips you will need.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.