Apps That Can Help You Relieve Stress



Life isn’t simple anymore; it has become so fast paced that keeping up with it has become difficult. Consequently, it is now easier than ever to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Everything today has a potential to cause stress including peer pressure, workload, family issues and a plethora of other things.

However, mental health is seldom prioritized. People usually don’t pay attention to their kids, teenagers in their homes and do not think that they might be going through a certain fear, anxiety, trauma, or any type of stress disorder. This results in a major decline in their personality as an individual.

If your kids or anyone around you is going through something, then here are a few apps that can help them. Just make sure that you complement them with high-speed internet such as CenturyLink internet


The app is created to help teenagers, young adults and people of other age groups to get insights about basic skills they have. This can help them manage their social anxiety, fears and phobias, panic attacks and other disorders. The app is also very effective if you want to manage performance anxieties, test anxiety and perfectionism. The app is also coupled up with strategies that are tailored for different anxiety levels. It is also equipped with a wide range of anxiety management methods and some special tools called “Chill out” that can help you perform breathing exercises, mindfulness strategies and mental imagery that come in text and audio format.


This is a self-help app that helps you combat things and elements that can trigger worries and fears using CBT strategies. You can have a walk-through and create a list of things that you fear and use certain activities that can help you master them. Eventually, you will find yourself less frightened and worried. The app has tools that can help you conduct a severity self-test, track anxiety and view your progress..


This is a self-guided app that helps you increase your positive emotions through different games and exercises that are based on positive psychology and mindfulness research. There is an initial questionnaire on the basis of which the app suggests you tracks and activities that you can use to reduce stress and worries, increase and maintain fitness, build relationships and cope up with chronic pain. All the activities by Happify are backed up by scientific research and rationale. The app is free and has paid upgrades.

CPT Coach

This is one of the apps that is very effective for people who have PTSD and are undergoing active treatment with a trained CPT therapist. The app is designed to be used by patients along with CPT treatment. The app also offers tutorials and different education material about PTSD and a step by step guide using a session-by-session approach to follow assessments with a weekly of CPT treatment. You can use prompts and reminders, schedule appointments for homework or anything else. It provides the predictability that is required with PTSD treatments and add an extra layer of important structure makes PTSD treatment systematic.


This is a simple, attractive and intuitive mobile app that is designed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology. The motive of the app is to coach people about breathing and managing stress by doing so. The app is very useful for people who have stress, PTSD and anxiety disorders. You can also personalize the app to an extent that a user finds it comfortable and relaxing. The app also comes with video demos, tutorials and other reading material and charts so you can map your progress.

Manage stress effectively

These easy to use apps are easily available online to make sure that you or anybody else around you does not suffer from a mental illness or any other disorder. The reason why this is important is that people who suffer from mental illness or psychological disorders have to deal with a lot at school, at work, in public, in social gatherings and even if they are living alone. If you know somebody who might be going through something, you can suggest any of these apps to them.

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