The Best USB Wi-Fi Adapters 2020



So you have just moved into a new house or maybe you are just tired of your current service provider’s useless service. Or maybe you’ve just moved out of your parents’ and are starting in life. Whatever your reason, one thing is certain that you need a high-speed and reliable internet connection with a wireless adapter strong enough to support all your online needs.

The search for an internet service provider can be a daunting task especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, do not worry it is not as difficult as it seems. If you know what you are doing and stay organized, you will be fine. Just follow the steps we will tell you and you will surely find the best internet provider for your needs.

The Right Internet Connection

First, find out all the providers that provide services in your area to ensure you do not waste time looking at amazing deals from providers that do not even cover your area. This could take days if you research providers one by one and look at their availability maps. Therefore, we would suggest you go to, enter your zip code, and extract a list of all the providers servicing your area. Once you have the list things are already on the right track. Now start looking at and comparing the latest promotions being offered. LocalCableDeals can help you with this too by providing you a comparison of deals offered by different providers.

Things you may want to look into are the type of connection, download/upload speeds being offered, data allowance available, and total bill after adding everything up (base rate, equipment rental, installation fee, taxes, fees, and surcharges). You may also want to inquire about the bundle deals offered by the providers under consideration. Even though you may feel like you just need to buy standalone internet, most bundle deals offer great discounts, significantly bringing down the prices of individual services.

Adding a home phone to your package could be quite helpful especially when working from home during this pandemic as you can keep your work calls limited to the landline and take calls during specific hours only. Likewise, the cable can help you stay tuned to the latest news and watch a diverse variety of programming only available on cable. If Spectrum happens to be available in your area then we recommend checking out Spectrum bundle deals that are great for people on a budget yet provide top of the line services.

The Right USB Wireless Adapter

Boosting the Wi-Fi speed has everything to do with the right equipment in place. Regardless of what the job is, the right tools are key to success. Likewise, all your online activities including downloading, streaming, gaming, etc. require the right tools to be used. In the digital world, to have a powerful connection you need to know a little about the hardware required. However, this could be confusing since there is so much available in the market and some people may start fretting.

However, there is no need to worry about this because we have put together this article just for you. It covers the best wireless adapters in the market, so all you have to do is read through and pick the one that suits your needs, and voila! So here we go.

1.    Edimax Wireless 802 .11 BGN Nano USB Adapter

You can just plug and play this easy to use an adapter that provides 2.4GHz coverage. Its no-hassle design makes it a great choice especially for tech hobbyists but also everyone else. Anyone with no prior experience of Wi-Fi adapters can use it with no problems.

The setup wizard supports multiple languages and is compatible with all major devices. So you aren’t worried about compatibility when ordering this device. On top of trustworthy compatibility, this adapter is also good with power usage. It is the lowest power-consuming adapter on our list.

2.    TP-Link N150 USB Wi-Fi Adapter With SoftAP Mode

TP-Link has a reputation for creating some of the best tech gadgets in the industry. They have continued their legacy with an N150 Nano adapter that can be plugged into a free USB port without the need for any special connectors or converters.

As always TP-Link has kept your internet security as the top priority with their new adapter. Even though the size has gone down significantly the encryptions standard has been maintained. That means that the adapter provides WPA2 encryption for maximum security of your data.

The Nano adapter may seem like something that is lesser than its larger versions but it provides the same power and compatibility as any bigger sized adapter. Hence, packing usefulness and convenience in one device.

3.    ASUS USB-AC68 Dual-Band AC1900 USB 3.0 Wi-Fi Adapter

The royalty of wireless devices, these devices have been there forever and are still going good with their rapidly evolving technology. The AC68 offers dual-band technology, which means it uses two frequencies to distribute signals (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) that helps it run much faster than your regular adapter. No more buffer my friends!

The drivers for the adapter install automatically and the setup after this is quite simple too. With the ability to be powered through a USB port it is truly an adapter you can use while on the move with no issues at all. The striking design of the red aerials is a treat to the eyes as well.

4.    Netgear N300 Wireless Mini USB Adapter

I am sure you have heard of Netgear and I am sure that you are a fan of at least one of their tech gadgets. However, if you have not heard of them until now then let me tell you that you are about to become a fan. They have been creating future proof devices for years and N300 is no exception.

With its IEEE 802.11n technology, the N300 is an adapter that will ensure you stay ahead of the wireless tech line. However, this latest technology is not just a fancy name but also delivers incredible performance.

Netgear’s N300 is not wireless though, as in it comes with a short wire attached to it. However, it should not be much of a problem considering the adapter provides up to 300 Mbps speed, which is much faster than most adapters and is ideal for online gaming.


Now you know about top of the line USB Wi-Fi adapters. Just pick whichever suits your needs and enjoy a fully powered wireless connection on your device.

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