Latest Technology Inventions You Would Not Able To Resist



We, as humans, crave things that make our work easier and faster. We want our work to be done in short and correct ways. And it’s not new human behavior; this is part of our behavior since the start of the human race.

Humans are a creative bunch. We keep trying and coming up with amazing inventions and gadgets. These inventions and gadgets are made to make our lives easier. They are as interesting as they seem to be. Give them a try, and you will find yourself obsessed with them.

Here’s a list of such technology stuff that you will definitely find fascinating;

  • Smart Brush: 

This toothbrush is also called as UnicoSmartBrush. All you have to do is place this brush in your mouth, and rest is upon to this brush. It will clean your teeth on its own; while it cleans your teeth, you can play an online game such as Judi bola.

  • Robot Birds: 

These are the robot falcons that are of great use in airports. They are used to keep the real birds away from the airport, as real birds cause problems during taking off and landing of planes. These robot falcons are flown around the airport to scare off the real birds. 

  • Bike Lights: 

Biking in the dark places is really dangerous. Sometimes, you can’t see the car coming towards, and the result can be a fatal accident. So, technology is used in bikes to create a double layer of red laser on the ground around the bike when the car gets closer. They indicate you steer away and be safe.

  • Light-up Helmet: 

It is the world’s first smart helmet. It has white lights in front and red lights at the back, so the cyclists can be seen in the dark. It also has the left and right turn signals that indicate the rider’s next turning point. 

  • Lifesaver Drone: 

It is designed to help save the swimmers. It is flown in the air above open water. It warns the swimmers and surfers when a shark is detected nearby. This drone has loudspeakers, and when a shark is detected, it notifies the lifeguard who makes the announcement of danger through his loudspeakers. 

These inventions have proved their usefulness, and people love them. Give them a try and see the results!

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.