7 Best Techniques to Generate Leads for Your Business



A lot of businesses, regardless of their size, have taken a hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the volatile stock market, and several people being furloughed, it does seem as if the economy has hit the pause button. So, even though it might be challenging to bag adequate revenue right now, you can still do enough and more to generate leads amidst all this COVID-19 crisis. Believe us when we say this, these leads will pay off surely when things return to their usual self. 

So, here we have come up with some practical ways to generate leads.

E-Book Download

We all know that e-books are the most tried and tested technique of generating leads. However, creating a download-worthy e-book can be a time-intensive process. Of course, your e-book need not be long, but it should be good enough to drive value. Please keep in mind, never create e-books, which are nothing but sales brochures. They should also not be fluff pieces and offer some real insight into the business. The reason why e-books are so important is that you are still in the early stage of building this relationship. The management team of TFTH, a successful assignment help company, shares that they created e-books to enable the student to understand their service, and how it can be helpful for the students. Well, that indeed is one right way to do it. In any case, if you do not have an influential e-book or if you cannot do this, opt for a different method. 


For the past many years, people have been using webinars as a means to generate leads. Well, yes, webinars can be an effective way to accelerate the sales process. It allows the business to put forth their expertise and personality. Your webinar must give your viewers value for money. You can offer deals to your attendees or provide them with a solution to a common pain point. However, the webinar does not have to be a sales pitch. It is an initial serve, and not your one-shot deal. Live webinars are 100% more effective than the recorded webinars. 

Cheat sheets

Both e-books and cheat sheets follow a more or less similar formula. In this method, you do not tell the reader why they should do something, rather you would focus on the HOW. 

TAE, an assignment and homework help provider, shared with us some cheat sheet formats that they used for ensuring that more and more students join them. 

  • Provide a step-by-step guide on doing a particular task. For instance, how to approach a tough math problem. 
  • Checklists
  • Tips and tricks (For instance, Tips to create an A-worthy assignment)

Gated video

Following a survey conducted by HubSpot, a customer is four times more likely to watch a video than reading about a product or service. Approximately 52% of the marketers around the world regard videos as the content, which assures the best ROI. So, it implies that a user will be much more interested in the video than he would be in reading an e-book. A lot of marketers offer the first few minutes for free to get the people hooked, and then to continue, they have to share their email address.  


We all like a good discount, no? All of us want a deal. So, offering a good discount can be one of the best ways to push someone into purchasing something. 


No kidding, but how many times have you clicked on a quiz to find out which GOT character you are more likely to be? These quizzes do feel like clickbait sometimes, but if you can well associate them with your brand, they can collect leads and engage the audience. 

Trial Period

A lot of people do not use a service until they are 100% certain that the service is right for them. So, in this case, giving a trial period is an effective way to drive purchase. In this trial period, you have to get the user hooked to your features. Further, through this, you have to make your service something that they cannot live without even after the expiry of the trial period. 

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.