Full Body Complete Yoga Workout for Women


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Women today are more active and are into fitness and body strengthening. Strengthening of the body is a major trend and should also be one because after certain age all women fall short of strength. The bones become weak and they require to intake of extra supplements to have a strong and healthy body.  But weight training and yoga poses can be a very good option for them at every stage. Also, yoga is something that they can perform even if they are at home with kids or they are having an office.

Because today we have so many yoga courses especially when we look into 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, there are plenty of poses that can benefit you not only in one way but in several ways. These poses can be performed at any time as well according to the person’s flexibility. Also, there are so many courses that allow you to practice yoga from your place. Thus, to have a full body complete yoga workout today it’s very easy and simple. Here in this article let’s discuss some postures or poses that can be beneficial for women of all ages.

Diamond thunderbolt (Vajrasana)

Digestive problem is very common among every woman after a certain age. So let’s first focus on the tummy area before we move to any other part of the body.  Sitting in this posture will make the digestion process much easier helping blood flow in the pelvic region. To do this pose fold your legs, keep your foot on the floor flat and sit straight. Hold this position for 2 3 minutes to get the best results and do this after taking any meals.

Gracious pose (Bhadrasana)

This posture is pretty simple and helps in lighting the body posture. This also improves the posture of the body making it look good. To do this pose all one needs to do is sit and keep the legs wide apart from each other. Here your feet much touch each other and the lower portion that is the area near the leg must look somewhat like a kite. Hold the feet with your hands and sit straight. Do this pose for 3 minutes 2 times to get good results.

Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

Any sort of back pain or error in the lower area of the body especially in the spinal area is the pose that you must perform. This pose is beneficial for asthma or even back pain. This pose will somewhat help in treating the menstrual problem as well. To do this pose lie down flat on the stomach and keep the forehead on the floor. Now bring your hands underneath the shoulder and press the feet on the floor. Now slowly rise with the support of your hands and keep breathing as your go up. Slowly exhale and stay in this position for about a minute. Keep inhaling and exhaling as you do this pose.  From here slowly come down and continue this pose for 3 sets.

Half Spinal Twist Pose (Ardha-Matsyendrasana)

This is again a very easy and less time-consuming pose that one can do.  This pose is best for cleaning the internal organs and for flexibility. Flexibility is the key element for this entire workout as this will help in improving throughout. To do this pose sit cross-legged straight. Now bend your left foot in a way that the heel of the left one is over the hip of the right.  Now take the right leg over the left knee and keep your right hand behind and left hand on the knee. Hold this pose for about 30 seconds and keep breathing slowly. Do this on the opposite side as well. Do 3 sets each to get the best result.

 Corpse pose (Shavasana)

The body requires an equal amount of rest and calmness as well. When you do the corpse pose it promotes muscle relaxation making the entire body calm about the cause that it may go through. This pose is one of the best postures to control stress and anxiety and should be done by all. Generally, a last posture or asana when it comes to Yoga School in Rishikesh, this posture makes the body calm after a heavy workout that you might do. To do this pose all you need to do is lie down flat on your back and be straight and relaxed. Close your eyes and keep your hands by your side with your feet on the floor. Do this for about a minute or 2. If you accompany this posture with light music then the best results can be obtained.

Thus, as we see these are just a few of the poses that we were able to discuss. There are so many other poses that are there that one can do to make their body strong. But the last pose should always be a body relaxing pose to give a little rest to the body as well.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.