The Health Benefits of Side Plank Pose (Vasisthasana)


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Focusing on the arms and hips we bring you to the side plank pose or the vasisthasana. A very not so easy but can be performed asana which is very much beneficial for the body if one is aiming to achieve certain aspects. This is a pose that is a little flexible can be performed by anyone. A balancing pose is beneficial for the lower abdomens of one. Usually, we tend to ignore the abdominal muscles when we do the abs or the crunched and thus this is a solution for it. The entire asana of the side plank is dependent on balance where one needs to balance oneself on the arms.

If one has strong and tight oblique’s then it is beneficial for the sore stabilization of muscles. This is a very powerful muscle when it comes to building strength. Helps in core development and thus is very beneficial for beginners. But before one begins to do this asana one needs to warm up. This can surely be involved in your routine for exercise and can also be done alongside Pilates or gym. Thus let us discuss a few of the benefits of this yoga asana and how can this yoga asana be performed.

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The benefits of vasisthasana are plenty and help this asana helps one in many ways. The primary benefit is that it makes the oblique muscles very strong. Not only so the gluteus medius, as well as the gluteus maximus, is improving. One of the best asana when you are pregnant. Some of the scientifically proved benefits of the vasisthasana are as follows:-

  • The vasisthasana helps in strengthening and toning the arms and shoulder muscles. As the pressure is higher on the shoulder with each passing day the muscles in there get strong and get in a shape that is preferable by many.
  • Helps in improving concentration and focus because doing things requires so much concentration. One cannot do this pose if they do not have heavy concentration and there will be immense misbalance.
  • The next benefit of this is that it also helps in balancing one’s body very easily. As one continuously practices this asana the balancing becomes extremely easy
  • Makes the body highly flexible and strengthens it from within.
  • Strengthens and works on the back muscles especially the one near your hips. Makes the muscles highly strong and reduces any sort of pain which is involved there.
  • Also helps in strengthening the spinal muscles and is beneficial for people having spinal pain due to continuous sitting.
  • Works best for the quadratus lumborum as well.
  • Works in improving the core strength of the body.
  • This is a pose that is to be done on the wrists thus works on the wrists making it strong.
  • When one does this muscle with the top leg extended the pose also helps in improving any sort of hamstring error and strengthens it.
  • A very good starting pose that develops the body fo0r further advanced level poses.
  • Works on the calves.
  • Best pose to strengthen and improve the oblique.
  • Best during pregnancy if only recommended by the doctor.
  • Reduces any sort of risk which might be involved. Also helps in treating the back thus making the body overall strong and straightening almost every part.
  • Good for reducing belly fat. Thus again one of the best poses to reduce belly fat and achieve a flat tummy.
  • Precautions
  •  As it’s always said that one should always take precautions before any sort of yoga or exercise and so in this case as well. Here let us discuss the precautions that one should take before they go for the vasisthasana pose.
  • Anyone who is having a wrist, shoulder, or elbow injury or issue must avoid this pose. As this posture is based on these parts of the body. Also if you have a wrist issue then you can do this on your hands and that will not be a factor to consider.
  • People having chest issues related to the or rib-related issue must not try this pose at all.;
  • It is very much directed to avoid this pose if one has any sort of problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, or bursitis. Or one must take the doctor’s advice before the performance of this asana.
  • Preventions must be made to keep the arms and elbow from slipping.
  • People with high blood pressure must again avoid this pose or asana.
  • Any kind of back or leg injury then gain this pose must be avoided.
  • Women who are pregnant must do this pose very carefully. The best advice for them is to do this pose under the guidance of an expert or the guidance of a doctor.
  • Last but not least always listens to your body. One can find and read many articles which say the rules to do it but everybody is different and reacts differently thus listening to the body is a must.

These are thus the few things that one must know about the side plank pose or the vasisthasana.

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