The Health Benefits of Matsyasana (Fish Pose)


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Steps to perform Matsyasana

The steps that are required to perform the Matsyasana are very simple and easy if they are correctly interpreted and performed accordingly. One will get the best results if the steps are followed properly and if it is done under the guidance of someone who is an expert. Thus let us see what the steps are so that the Matsyasana can be performed easily. You can learn this yoga pose by joining one of the best yoga school in Rishikesh. But below are the steps that you can follow to perform fish pose.

  • Take a mat specifically the yoga mat and just simply lay down on the floor with the legs apart.
  • Relax for a few seconds in this position and close your eyes to draw in concentration.
  • The next one needs to bring the hands and the legs both together above the head and the toes are supposed to be pointed with the entire body stretched and tightened.
  • Here one must focus on their breath where the exhaling and inhaling must be normal.
  • Now bring your hands under the torso.
  • At this position lift your head back and now the back must be put upward just like an arch with the feet together.
  • The mind and the body must be calm and there must not be any form of a hurry.
  • Now keep on inhaling and exhaling and at this position bring the heads back with the position to see your toes and then slowly put the body down.
  • The palms should be down while the legs and the hands are to be kept apart from each other.
  • Slowly twist the release and this will help one to release the pressure.
  • Now slowly rotate the neck left and then move the neck to the right side. Here the fingers should be locked and the position of it must be absolutely behind your neck.
  • Now rotate the neck at all sides about 360 degrees with the back remaining on the floor. Do this process very carefully without hurting yourself.
  • While doing this one must be aware of the breathing and the body must be relaxed.
  • Now slowly come back to the normal position where the body held itself.
  • This position can be held for about 30 seconds to a minute as per the comfort zone.

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Benefits of Matsyasana

With regular practice of the Matsyasana people have seen great results and this has helped relieve many disorders and health problems. This helps in working mainly on the chest with a huge stretch there. Helps in busting stress to a great level and calms the body down very much. Here are a few of them in details benefits that one will get after they practice this pose regularly.

  • Stimulation of the pituitary glands. This is one of the best forms of yoga poses to stimulate the gland and to increase the level of blood supply in the head. Thus this increases the functioning of the body specifically and to a great level.
  • Very helpful in dealing with any type of respiratory problems and chest issues. Asthma can be very effectively treated with the help of Matsyasana. People who are suffering from bronchitis can also try this because this is extremely helpful for them as well. Other respiratory diseases can also be really helpful if this yoga asana is regularly practiced.
  • The breathing pattern in one is also improved with the help of this yoga asana. The position of this pose helps in the routine breathing process and thus is beneficial for the body because routine and pattern berthing is really helpful.
  • If anyone is having issues like PCOS or PCOD then those women can practice this yoga pose. The Matsyasana is very much beneficial for regulating menstruation in women’s making it regular and routine.
  • Works in improving the reproductive organs making them work in a better and healthier way. Also sometimes works for infertility.
  • Very helpful for the thigh muscles making them strong and toned. This also reduces any kind of pain in there and is helpful while doing any other form of exercise. This also works as a warm-up for certain other physical activities.
  • The Matsyasana is also helpful in toning the abdominal muscles.
  • It immunes the blood circulation of the body and makes it work in a much better manner and form. This thus is very helpful for the entire body.
  • Improves the working and process of the liver, intestine, pancreas, abdomen, lower area of the body.
  • Helps in the stimulation of the thyroid glands.
  • Rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul and has a very positive effect psychologically. It eliminates all kinds of negative thoughts from the body.
  • Rejuvenates the nervous system and finally stretches and makes the spine strong eliminating all sorts of pain from there.


  • If you are someone who suffers from any sort of problem which is related to head like headache, back pain, sinus, migraine then consult your doctor before performing this asana.
  • A beginner can use anything soft for the support behind the back. This will make the performing of the asana very easy and comfortable as well. Also having support has no negative effect in its benefit.

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