Tips to Help Children Take Care of Their Braces


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When a child or a teenager needs braces, parents often wonder if their children will be able to take care of them without help. Parents need to be aware that modern braces are not at all difficult to take care of. In fact, right up to the moment the child will need braces removal, all mandatory tasks are simple. In addition, there is nothing wrong with having more responsibility since this will help the child or teen to grow up better.

To help children and parents alike, here are the most important tips to remember when it is time to teach children how to take care of their braces.

Brush Often

It is very important to protect your teeth even when you have braces on. So, you need to brush for around 2 minutes every morning and night. If it is possible, you also want to brush braces after every snack or meal. However, this might not always be an option. When this is the case, water rinses are very helpful.

Avoid Sticky And Crunchy Foods

In so many cases, these are sacrifices for children. However, it is quite important to avoid sticky and crunchy foods when you wear braces. This is because they can easily damage or loosen braces. Chewy or sticky food lead to huge messes so you do want to avoid taffy, caramels, Skittles, gummies, and everything similar.

With crunchy foods (like chips or popcorn), the problem is that small pieces end up stuck between braces and teeth. Hard foods can still be enjoyed when you cut them into appropriate smaller pieces. This includes pizza, pears, apples, and much more.

Get In The Habit Of Flossing

When there is a problem because food is stuck to your teeth, flossing helps. You should floss one time per day in order to maintain healthy gums and make sure your braces remain clean. This is not at all difficult to do but it does take some practice. If you have no idea how to floss properly, look for tutorials online or ask your dentist. They will be more than happy to teach you how to floss.

Avoid Sports And Pop Drinks

You surely heard this recommendation several times when it comes to teeth. You need to respect it with or without braces. The problem is that these drinks have high quantities of sugars and acids. They can destroy your teeth and will negatively affect braces.

It is normal to have a sweet tooth though and some cravings are very hard to deal with. This is why, if you do end up enjoying one of these drinks from time to time, you need to get in the habit of swishing your mouth with water right after when you cannot brush.

Stop Chewing Habits

It is very important to stop chewing on ice, fingernails, pens, pencils, and practically anything else. Doing this will put a lot of impact on your braces and on your teeth. And it can easily lead to forced braces removal. Fortunately though, when you get rid of such unhealthy habits as you wear your braces, it is often a reality that the habits are gone for good.

Listen To Your Dentist

The last thing to remember when wearing braces is that your dentist is your best friend. You need to get checked out at a regular interval, usually once per month or once per two months. This helps monitor gums, teeth, and the actual braces. If a problem is detected, just like with teeth, it is much easier to solve early than later on in time, when it would be more serious.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.