Things to Do in Dunsborough, Western Australia



The coastal town of Dunsborough, Western Australia, is located 254 kilometres south of Perth, and it lies on the shores of Geographe Bay. Visitors to Dunsborough have the opportunity to see the natural beauty of the region with its world class beaches, Kangaroos, Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and Ngilgi Cave. All year round Dunsborough is a hotspot for travellers from all over the globe. From cape to cape walkers, to surfers, to artists, this region attracts people from everywhere

There are many things to do in Dunsborough, Western Australia. You’ll be amazed by this coastal town, from caves to Occy’s and Sugarloaf Rock. You can make your whole holiday easier by hiring a private driver who will help you navigate this remote country and tell you about the hidden gems that many people don’t know about. 

Before planning your visit, take a quick read to find out more about the best places and activities to do in Dunsborough.

Some Beautiful Places to Visit near Dunsborough!

The town of Dunsborough is a popular vacation destination in the region of Margaret River and is home to various acclaimed restaurants, hip cafes, and surf breaks. The town’s laid-back southern-western vibe makes it an ideal getaway.

Here, you can do everything from exploring the limestone caves to trying your hand at abseiling. Let’s look at a few places that you can plan to visit while you are in town.

1. Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park:

A must-do in Dunsborough is a visit to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, a 20-m high cylindrical tower made of limestone. You can climb the 59 stairs to reach the viewing platform for a stunning view of the surrounding area. A guided tour will give you a background on the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse’s history and information about ships that have wrecked nearby.

2. Sugarloaf Rock:

If you’re looking for some romantic moments with your partner, a trip to the spectacular Sugarloaf Rock may be the perfect place for you. It’s an excellent location for a picnic or sunset walk, and you’ll even be able to take your dog with you. You can even take a ride on a jet boat – it’s the fastest in Western Australia.

3. Meelup Reserve Trail:

Meelup Reserve Trail is a 7km coastal meander that starts at Hurford Street in Old Dunsborough and winds its way through pristine coastal bushland for a more leisurely day out. The Meelup Reserve Trail connects Dunsborough with Eagle Bay, and it leads walkers along the coast past pristine beaches and impressive granite rock formations, such as Castle Rock. Alternatively, you can continue your walk to Bunker Bay, and the slightly rougher track is an excellent place for a picnic.

4. Ngilgi Cave:

If you’ve never been to the infamous Ngilgi Cave, you’re in for a treat! This underground world is located near Yallingup, a town in Southwest Western Australia. The cave itself was previously known as Yallingup Cave and is well worth the trip. Once you’ve seen the stunning beauty of the place, you’ll want to make time for an unforgettable experience. This 500,000-year-old cave is accessible by boardwalks. You can take your family to Ngilgi Cave to explore its underground world and learn about its history.

5. Canal Rocks:

You can explore beautiful views of the Indian Ocean from the top of Canal Rocks in Dunsborough. They provide a fantastic backdrop for portraits and photographs and are perfect for fishing, picnicking, and capturing the breathtaking sunsets. Visitors are advised to book a tour to experience the stunning view. It is a three-hour drive to get to the area if you are visiting Perth. One of the best places to stay in the area is the historic Canal Rocks, a natural breakwater formed by the waves of the Indian Ocean over the last seven million years. 

Things you can enjoy while holidaying in Dunsborough!

Apart from visiting various places, there are multiple activities that you can do while you are staying in Dunsborough. Let us look at a few things you can do to spend some time with your family and loved ones. 

1. Water Sports:

The coastline of Dunsborough is filled with sandy bays and fish-filled waters. You can visit the best beaches in Dunsborough for water sports like Meelup Bay, Castle Rock Bay, and Bunker Beach. The site also has a winter waterfall, Quinninup Falls. It takes about two hours to hike to this waterfall, which offers breathtaking ocean views and steep dune climbs; for more adventure, head to the nearby town of Dunsborough. 

2. Hiking:

The town’s natural surroundings are lush and scenic, with sheltered coves, sandy beaches, nearby nature reserves, and national parks. The Meelup Reserve Trail is a seven-kilometre coastal meander that begins near Hurford Street in Old Dunsborough and winds through wildflowers and native bush. The trail ends at Eagle Bay, and if you want to continue hiking, you can also extend the hike to Bunker Bay. 

3. Whale Watching:

FromSeptember onwards, the oceans in the southwest of the town become home to hundreds of whales. These whales include Humpbacks, Southern Right Whales, Blue whales, and Minke whales. To get an incredible view of whales from shore, you can head to Point Piquet on Cape Naturaliste. You can find the whale swimming through a channel 100 meters from the coast, also named shore highway by some locals.  

4. Meal at Occy’s:

If you’re in the mood for some seasonal pub grub, you might want to visit Occy’s Restaurant in Dunsborough, Western Australia. This laid-back, family-run restaurant serves up seasonal pub grub, and the spacious beer garden is the perfect place to enjoy it. There’s also a seasonal Sunday Roast on Sundays, and the seasonal menu features all the favourites. 

5. Barbeque at Yallingup:

It is an authentic Australian barbeque that does not get much more Australian than enjoying your barbeque at the beach. You can take advantage of the picnic area, free electric BBQs and amazing scenery at Yallingup. This spot is best for enjoying your meal due to its elevated viewing platform. After enjoying your meal, you can take a long walk or witness some local talents. 


There are various things that one can do when they visit Dunsborough. You can see the local western ringtail possums, mountain biking, golf, play water sports, visit the farm animals, etc. Many fine dining restaurants line the streets of Dunsborough but don’t worry this is a beach town so no need to suit up.

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