Adding My Mom to Insurance Policy Makes It Cheaper – See How?

Owning a car creates the possibility of accidents. The focus of people must be to get a cheap insurance policy. If a person plans to add their mother to the insurance policy, they will surely get a reduction in the insurance rate. They can add the name of their mother to the insurance policy only if they live at the same address as their parents.

Getting auto insurance at the right time will help them to get compensation for losses. For example, a person can plan to get damages against the vehicle or injuries of the people inside the car. The amount of compensation depends on the policy he purchases.

When to Add Mother Bin Insurance Policy?

There are two possible outcomes: one is that the person lives with his mother, and the second is that he is not living with his mother. In case the mother is living with a person, then he can plan to add the mother to the insurance coverage, no matter if she will drive the car or not. The person can make sure to add her mother as the secondary driver of the car. If the person adds his mother in the insurance policy, then the most significant benefit that he will get is that he can save some funds in the insurance policy.

Is Adding a Mother Possible if a Person Does Not Stay With Her?

If you do not stay with your mom, then, in that case, adding the mother in the policy will be declared as fraud. It will save the person’s funds, but the person’s legality might be affected in the future. Therefore, in this situation, adding the mother to the insurance policy will not be an advisable option.

Is the Mother a Primary or the Secondary Driver?

Now the question while buying an insurance policy is whether to add a mother as primary or secondary driver.

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at, lists different situations that change the complete concept for you.

  • If you are working on saving the funds from the insurance company, then you can add the mother as the primary driver. However, at the time of the accident, if it is declared that you were the primary driver but in documents, the mother is mentioned as the primary doctor, you have to face a difficult situation. The situation can even be that you will not receive the compensation amount in the future.
  • If you mention your mother as the secondary driver and live with her, you will not have to face any issues in the future. You will get the compensation amount without facing any complications.
  • The last option is that the mother is mentioned as the secondary driver, and you do not live with her. There might be some complications in this case, but the condition will not turn out severe.

Ways to Get Cheap Policy

Are you planning to get an auto car insurance policy? It is mainly the choice of all people as it will be a profitable option in the long run. The first way to get the insurance policy at a lower rate is to add the mother. But if you are not eligible to add your mother, there are other options. To get the policy at a genuine rate, a person can add some ways to his regular practice.

An Increment in Deductibles

The deductible is mainly the amount the person has to pay during the final claim. When a person plans to purchase or renew the policy, he can choose the deductible amount of their choice. The deductible amount has a direct link with the premium amount.

  • The premium amount will be low if the person chooses a high deductible amount.
  • Conversely, the lower deductible amount will finally increase the premium amount.

The best option for the person getting the policy will be to increase the deductible amount, as it will make the policy an affordable option.

Plan to Transfer No Claim Bonus

If you are replacing the new car with the old one, there is a requirement for the no-claim bonus certificate. If you submit the document to the insurance company, they will surely have a good amount of reduction in the insurance premium. Therefore, it will prove to be a beneficial option.

Compare All the Plans and Purchase

There is not just a single form of the plan available from various insurance companies. The main focus of people should be to make a comparison of the various plans. The benefit and the premium cost of all the available options will vary. After making the comparison, a person can finally choose the most genuine option with a high return.

Do the Renewal of the Policy

Every policy that a person takes has a lapse period. Therefore, the person should make sure they have the details of exact lapsing so that they can renew the policy before its expiry. If the policy lapses, then in the future, there will be an increment in the premium amount.

How to Calculate Premium Amount?

Premium is the amount that the person has to pay monthly. Certain factors are available based on which the exact premium amount is calculated.

  • Complete detail on the model of the car
  • The year of car manufacturing


Can a Person Add His Mother to their Insurance Policy?

The person can easily add his mother to the insurance policy if he is staying with her mother. The exception is the students; they can add their mother to their policy even if they do not stay with their mother in the same house.

How Auto Insurance Proves to Be Helpful?

The auto insurance policy covers the losses against a specific car accident. The complete analysis will be there; if everything seems to be natural, then only the person will get the benefits.

Is Adding the Mother as Primary Drives an Advisable Option?

Mainly a person has to show the people in the insurance as the primary or the secondary drivers. In the case of the mother, if they have proper training in driving the car, then they can be shown as the primary driver. On the other hand, if the mother does not know driving, adding her as the secondary driver will be the most suitable option.

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