11 Unique Ways to Use Personalized Adhesive Labels



Personalized Adhesive Labels are the perfect way to get your message across. They can be used on everything from sending notes or special instructions, to labeling children’s belongings for daycares, labeling vitamin bottles at the grocery store, and more! Adhesive labels are all around us and can be used for a variety of things. Take a look at some unique ways in which adhesive labels can be used:

1.  Labeling Children’s Toys

Personalized adhesive labels are perfect to use on children’s toys because they have the ability to withstand rugged play without being damaged.  These types of custom stickers can be used to label children’s toys so that there is less of a chance that someone will get their toy mixed up with another. 

2.  Identify Numbered Items

You can use adhesive labels to label items that are numbered, such as game pieces or components of machinery. The stickers allow you to place a specific identification on an item so that you will not get the wrong one mixed up with another.

3.  Organizing Personal Items

Personalized adhesive labels can be used for organizing small items such as soap and shampoo bottles, medicine bottles, and other personal products you use daily.  These types of custom stickers will help keep things organized and easily accessible so there is no longer a struggle trying to find anything. They are especially helpful for the elderly because they can show where items should be stored so that they do not become lost or cause someone to get frustrated trying to find something.

4.  Mail Labels

Adhesive labels are perfect for labeling mail because it allows you to quickly and easily identify who the mail belongs to.  One way to use custom stickers is by numbering each person’s mail to indicate that it belongs to them.  You can also use different colors to indicate certain types of mail, such as orange for bills or red for letters containing bad news.  

5.    Stickers on Water Bottles

 You can use custom stickers on water bottles to easily identify who the bottle belongs to if you purchase disposable bottles.  This is especially helpful at gyms, where different types of water are kept in large dispensers throughout the building for people to utilize during their workouts. 

6.  Labels on Sports Equipment

Custom adhesive labels are perfect for labeling sports equipment so that you know which items belong to your child. This is especially helpful at schools where multiple children have the same type of sporting equipment, but each is responsible for their own.

7. Stickers on Cereal Boxes

You can use adhesive labels to label cereal boxes that you have in your pantry.  This simple move will help your family members know which type of cereal they are grabbing when it is time for breakfast, and prevent them from getting a box of sugary cereal instead of the healthier option.

8. Labels on Makeup Palettes

When you are putting on your makeup, these adhesive labels can help you quickly locate what type of product it is that you are looking for without having to rifle through all your products.  You can label your eye shadows with different colored stickers so that they are easily identified, or label different types of lipstick by their color.

9. Organizing Your Home

Make your home more organized by labeling items that do not have a place to be stored.  For example, you can label shoe boxes or bins with adhesive labels so that they are quickly identifiable. Labeling boxed goods is also helpful because it will prevent older family members from accidentally throwing away something they might need.

10. Personalize Kitchen Utensils and Appliances

You can personalize your kitchen items by getting adhesive labels made with your family’s name on them to label counter appliances such as microwaves, blenders, and other small appliances used on a daily basis.  This will help keep every counter appliance easily identifiable to family members that are constantly moving in and out of your home.

11.  Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

Adhesive labels are perfect for organizing your medicine cabinet because they can be used to indicate when medication expires, or what specific type of medication it is.  Different colors can also be used to label different types of medications, such as orange indicating pain relievers and blue for vitamins.

Personalized adhesive labels are perfect for labeling almost anything that you own. These labels can help you quickly and efficiently organize your home and prevent items from getting lost.  Personalized adhesive stickers are also great for labeling items that belong to other people in your household, for ease of distinction.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.