San Diego Hills Cemetery Products and Prices



The San Diego Hills Cemetery is an Indonesian luxury burial ground. Originally, it charged Rp 3 million for a single burial, including the price of permanent care and permanent rest. Today, it charges IDR 4 billion for one burial. The cemetery offers four nuances for funeral plots. Single graves do not have left and right dividers, and graves are separated by sticks. The price range for a single burial is approximately IDR 4 million.

Single Price Plot

The entry price for a single grave plot is 9.5 million rupiahs, while the highest-priced memorial is 8 billion rupiahs. The prices of residential real estate are increasing by around 10 percent a year. The Lippo Group, which owns San Diego Hills, is aiming to provide a fun atmosphere at funerals. The cemetery has complete facilities and a beautiful view of green hills. The price of a single grave plot is usually about US$1,000.

Maintenance Costs

The prices for San Diego Hills funerals are inclusive of security and maintenance costs for life. The cemetery charges a 10 percent commission for every transaction. The cost for a single grave plot may be more than double the price of a larger burial plot. Some cemeteries have a secondary market for individual grave plots. You can find the right price for your loved one with a little research. There is also a wide range of products and services.

Single Grave Plots

Prices for single grave plots are higher than average in the United States, and San Diego Hills offers full facilities. The cemetery is also equipped with public facilities including swimming pools, restaurants, gift shops, and grasslands. Moreover, the cemetery has a multipurpose building that can accommodate up to 250 people. So, there is no need to worry about the cost of a single grave plot. The prices for all these options are not listed on Ever Loved, so you must contact the cemetery directly to confirm their availability.

The prices listed on Ever Loved are not the official price ranges of the cemetery. They are merely guidelines and may not be accurate. The San Diego Hills prices are not guaranteed, so it is essential to contact the cemetery to get an official price list. The costs and fees vary greatly among the different burial plots. The cemetery has a comprehensive list of all the prices and services. You can also choose a burial spot based on your preference.

The entrance price of a single grave plot is 9.5 million rupiah. The most expensive memorials can cost up to 8 billion rupiah. In fact, the prices of single grave plots are increasing by 10 percent a year in the United States, whereas the cost of single graves in the San Diego Hills Cemetery is not. Nevertheless, the burial site is still an affordable option for those who are considering cremation.

Affordable Option

The entrance price for a single grave plot is 9.5 million rupiah. However, the most expensive memorial costs more than eight billion rupiah. Since the cemetery is a premium location, prices are likely to be higher than for those in nearby neighborhoods. The prices listed in Ever Loved are market-based and should be compared carefully to those of other cemeteries in the area.

Single grave plots are the most affordable option. The entry price is just 9.5 million rupiah, while the most expensive memorials cost eight billion rupiah. The cost of the cemetery’s products and services is also high, but the cemetery charges a 10 percent commission for the service. In some cases, you may be able to save money by purchasing a single grave plot at a lower price.

In Last

As a premium cemetery, San Diego Hills Cemetery is a premium burial location. The cemetery’s prices are similar to those of other cemeteries in the United States. Those of the Lippo Group have a unique business model, and they want to provide an environment where people can have a fun funeral experience. The cemetery is also equipped with a wide variety of public facilities. Besides graves, there are cafes and swimming pools, and there are lawns for outdoor activities. Additionally, it has multipurpose buildings with seating for 250 people.