Guide to Finding the Right New Balance Running Shoes



Running is always a great exercise to keep you fit and healthy. However, choosing the proper attire and shoes for the exercise can be pretty overwhelming. You cannot go for your run or take part in a marathon in sneakers or dress shoes. Also, with the many brands emerging in the market, finding the right pair of running shoes can be pretty overwhelming. Luckily, you can get an ideal pair from the New Balance shoe collection. The shoes serve the purpose of style and comfort while running. In this post, Shoe City has shared some information to help you get the right New Balance running shoes.

Characteristics of New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance shoes use technological advancements to develop running shoes with enhanced features. The goal is to ensure that users are comfortable and enjoy a good run. Some of the enhanced features include:

Fresh Foam

New Balance is famous for making top-notch quality running shoes. Fresh foam is one of the things that make their shoes an ideal solution. It’s a light cushioning placed inside the shoes to help you run at a good pace. The fresh foam midsoles are laser engraved to minimize weight while providing a range of cushions and support on different parts of the running shoe. This is often based on your needs. You’ll have a versatile shoe that takes you from easy runs to races and anything in between.

Hypo Knit

Quality and style are a priority for the New Balance shoe collection. That’s why they use hypo knit in all their running shoes. It provides different rotation positions for the ultimate breathability and support for your feet. The knit shoes are also more lightweight and offer a glove-like and natural, minimalistic fit.


The shoes also feature an ultra-heel that provides a snug feel and support. That is mainly for users with plantar fasciitis. The shoes are light enough and lower the danger of common running injuries.

Fuel Cell Foam

The brand’s running shoes with a new and more refined fuel cell foam technology are ideal for a light but fast morning jog. The fuel cell feature is for road running but also suitable for primary and non-technical trails. The shoes’ performance, style, and comfort don’t disappoint.

Tips for Choosing the Right New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance running shoes come in a wide range of options. From daily running shoes to the most stable ones, the brand has shoes for all runners. A properly supporting midsole, ultra heel, and stabilizing features are vital things to look for when deciding the perfect fit for you. Further, it would help if you considered the following things.

Sole Durability

The sole is one of the vital, integral parts of your running shoes. It provides the ultimate support to your arch and acts as a shock absorber when running on different terrains. It would be best to pick shoes with a flexible and soft sole for a more comfortable run.

Location of Run

Some New Balance shoes are designed for cross-training, road running, and trail running. If you run on pavements, the brand’s Fresh Foam running shoes will be your ideal choice. If you’re not sure about the shoe that will suit your run, you can consult with our team at Shoe City. We’ll assess your needs and assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Weight of the Shoes

Your running shoes shouldn’t be too heavy. There should be light enough not to feel pressure on the weak parts of your feet. Lightweight running shoes also allow you to run at an incredible pace.

Cushioning Underfoot

Cushioning underfoot is the distance between your feet and the ground. It is a feature you shouldn’t ignore when picking your running shoes. From maximum, moderate, minimal, and barefoot, cushioning underfoot will be based on your needs.

Level of Support

It’s vital to have the right amount of support. From neutral shoes and motion control shoes to stability shoes, you should pick your shoes depending on your running style and location of run. If you run on uneven terrains, motion control shoes will be the best bet.

The Shoes Durability

The longevity of your ideal running shoes is a vital factor to keep in mind. Running shoes are often worn after being used for at least 200-500 miles. It’s crucial to replace them after three to six months to protect yourself from injuries.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Running Shoes

Here are some things you should remember and avoid when buying your running shoes.

Choosing Shoes Because They Look Good

It’s pretty tempting to go for good looks when it comes to your running shoes. However, it makes no sense to invest in stylish running shoes that are not comfortable enough. It’s essential to consider the features that the shoes offer to ensure you have a perfect fit.

Not Focusing on Fit

It’s important to buy shoes that fit perfectly. Your feet might adjust to snug-fitting shoe sizes, but you’ll end up with blisters if the shoes are too small. You should also ensure that the upper is shaped like your foot and doesn’t irritate it. The shoe volume and room in the toe box are things you shouldn’t settle for unless the fit is perfect.

Assuming Your Shoe Size

Shoe sizes often vary between brands. Your shoe size also changes over time. That’s why you should get your foot measured before purchasing a pair of New Balance shoes. If you’re shopping online, go through the shoe size specifications before placing your order.

In conclusion, buying running shoes is one thing you should do with the ultimate care. You should make sure to choose the right fit and shoes that fit your intended purpose. If you don’t know where to start, Shoe City got you covered. We’ll help you choose the best running shoes from our New Balance shoes collection with our expertise in shoes. For more information, kindly visit our store’s official webpage today. You can also contact us online or visit any of our stores in Southern California, and we’ll be pleased to guide you in your purchase.

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