How Technology Has Provided an Edge to the Cinema Industry



The blessings of technology have spread in every factor of life presently. Technology has simplified our lives. And, similarly in the cinema industry as well, technology has applied its advantages. If you are a movie lover, you surely have observed the changes in the film screening and the audiovisual effects with passing times. Almost fifty years ago, an entire crew was needed to operate the cameras. To get an aerial shot, the film making industries used a heavyweight aircraft-mounted camera. This equipment was quite challenging to handle. Besides, the editing was done by physically cutting and pasting the film together when the shooting got done. However, the previous procedures were not that efficient.

Previously, the entire filmmaking process was long, and it needed too much hard work. Also, the image quality was low in previous times. But technology has improved the theatre management system a lot. Presently, the improved lightweight cameras ensure crystal clear images and shots never thought possible. Besides, the editing process has also been so much easier. Here, in this post, we are going to discuss how technology has provided an edge to the cinema industry.

Upgraded Technologies Used In Movies

For the blessings of well-equipped gadgets, both the film making and film-watching experience have been upgraded a lot. In movies, the usage of the state of the art technologies has been possible for the upgradation of technology. So, let’s explore how technologies have upgraded the cinema industry.

4K+3D Technology

4K technology has combined with 3D effects. And, this 4K+3D technology has been an essential element of visually engaging action drama and sci-fi movies. It includes virtual reality technology. This technology uses the latest cameras that are capable of capturing 3D videos with 4K resolution. This superior technology allows the filmmakers to shoot scenes even underwater. Thus it achieves the maximum depth to deliver an incredible experience to the viewers.

Dual Camera VR

Dual Camera VR or the Dual Camera Virtual Reality is the latest technology used for shooting. This technology is used to shoot movies in multiple niches. In this technology, while one camera shoots the surroundings, the other camera captures the movie characters. Dual camera VR helps the viewers to get a more realistic movie watching experience and immersive 360-degree viewing.

3D Movie Technology

Probably in the 90’s we had our first 3D movie watching experience. Back then, the theatres used paper-made 3D glasses to start the movie screening. Since then, the concept of 3D has progressed, and presently the 3D viewing experience is truly excellent. The upgraded 3D movie technology has reached the 3D viewing experience to the next level. Even now, you need external gadgets or spectacles to experience 3D viewing.

Intelligent Screenplay Writing Through AI

Technology in movie making mainly includes the use of many gadgets and improvement in the audiovisual experience for the users. Recently, researchers have built an AI software that can write screenplays. This AI-powered robot is called Benjamin that can even write a song. But is Benjamin capable of writing an oscar-winning movie in the near future? Hopefully, that is not that impossible to think of.


Have you imagined that the mind-blowing panoramic views you enjoyed in movies mainly were shot by using low-flying airplanes or helicopters? However, in previous times it was pretty expensive to shoot those movies. But fortunately, for technology, some drones have made the shooting easier. Drones are pretty handy, and this useful technology is also very beneficial for moviemakers. It allows the moviemakers to shoot panoramic or bird’s eye-view shots at a lesser cost. Shooting with drones involves fewer complexities. AS this process is more effective and less expensive, drones have become more favourable in the film industry.


The advancement of technology has introduced animation, green screens, and camera stabilization in the filmmaking world. It allows the filmmakers to explore creativity in the entire filmmaking procedure. Besides, the editing process has been extremely easy. The theatre management system has been quite flexible nowadays. Filmmakers don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to create a film. They just need to adopt the mentioned advancements of technology and make a super hit movie more flexibly.