How to Use Door Hangers to promote Small Company Sales?



You know how effective the door hanger marketing can be if you have ever come home empty in your stomach and find a door hanger on your doorknob to announce the opening of a new grill joint in your neighborhood or a small flyer wedged in your front door with the entire menu of the Chinese restaurant around you. Door hanger marketing is for flyer distribution, however, an often ignored weapon in the arsenal of small business advertising. This is unfortunate since the door hangers can make your firm highly cost-effective.

Here, we will discuss the advantages of door hanger management and why your business might fit well. Moreover, we will give a few methods to enhance your doorknob affixed advertising response rates.

Door Hanger Marketing Benefits

While the door hangers might be regarded by some as a “postcard for impoverished people,” they profit from postcards and direct mail marketing.

They’re first and foremost noticeable. They are hardly feasible to ignore because they are directly delivered to the door and not put into the mailbox with junk mail—which many consumers discard away. And since official messages such as utilities and missing deliveries are regularly displayed on doors using suspended tags, recipients probably also read the news.

Second, they’re cheap. While marketing materials are accessible, door hangers are one of the most affordable solutions. They are available at low printing prices of up to 2-8 cents per unit, depending on the volume and the cost of design services. With such minimal costs for printing door hangers, they are certainly an attractive marketing option, particularly for cash-strapped companies. (And what’s not the business these days?)

In other words, if you want to pay very little attention to potential customers, door hangers are a perfect option.

Tips for Increasing Response Rates

As you see, the marketing of door hangers has various advantages that give it an edge over other guerilla marketing methods and mailing services. But to make sure that your campaign delivers you the return on investment that you are looking for, you have to think of several things before diving in and choose to develop a unique door hanger design with glittering, colorful cardboard.

Demographics Research

You need to evaluate your customer base before you decide to pull the trigger for a hanger marketing campaign. A small amount of research is required to increase the efficiency of a door-hanging movement.

Create a client profile to define a target audience and then utilize demographic information to discover the communities where your services are most likely needed. For instance, you would not try to market lawn services in a neighborhood full of apartments and condos. To see the highest returns, concentrate on the areas that your services most require.

For example, let’s imagine that Sonia had recently built a sandwich shop in Sonia’s Little Deli, a new neighborhood. Of course, she did basic market research to find the best place for her business and opted to rent space in a modest complex in the heart of an urban area with many young families. Before she started many demographic studies, she understands that her demographic goal was people in the area within walking distance.

Set your Objectives

Now that Sonia understands who she wants to target — the 2-mile radius of residents — she has to set some objectives. She is keen to inform individuals in the community of her small business and believes that marketing door hangers could be an excellent approach to pick up interest while preserving the funds she needs to cover opening costs.

She establishes specific targets for her inaugural marketing campaign by targeting 1,000 households and achieving a response rate of 5 percent or above.

By stating her objectives from the beginning, Sonia can assess whether her door hanger campaign was a success. With a well-defined statistic, she can also analyze what worked and what did not, which will make it more strategic for her to plan any future marketing activities.

Establish a Campaign

You will have to build a campaign that gives your clients outstanding value, allows you space to profit, and is time-consuming. You can therefore motivate your potential clients to move fast. In Sonia’s scenario, she decides to purchase one sandwich and get a free bargain only two weeks after delivering hangers to her home.

Select the Correct Printer

Although you probably have several printers in your neighborhood that offer door hanger printing optionally, you should consider a few things to choose from. For example, if you employ some company to print your business cards currently, you may group the cards and door hangers to achieve an even lower printing rate.

You will also want to consider the turnaround time. For example, Sonia plans to dispose of her door hangers on 1 July to have a 4 July vacation when many people can go out for lunch and dinner with friends and family.

Therefore, she needs to ensure all of her door hangers are ready on the 30th of June so she chooses a printer who can complete her order swiftly in three working days. If you also have a time-sensitive campaign, make sure that you know the number of working days your printer takes to supply the finished product.

Consider your supplies, finally. While you may be googly eye-cutting over the thick, color-printed paper and UV-coated gloss cover, recipients will probably interact with your door hanger for a matter of seconds. As such, instead of becoming stuck in showy materials, it’s best to focus on an eye-catching and memorable design.

Maintain Simplistic Designs

Remember that consumers read and throw away door hangers rapidly. Use bright colors and imagery, big headlines, and a straightforward message. Try not to advertise more than one main hanging benefit. An attractive coupon, along with a large copy and a powerful call to action, increases the probability of success in conversion (and the likelihood that the reader will hold on to your flyer). Make sure that your contact information is prominently included in the door hanger.

In the case of Sonia, she chooses to use a simple firework design template accessible on her website. It’s striking and boldly highlights her two-for-one offer (with clearly specified good days), along with the name and location of her company.

Track Answers

You won’t know where your door hangers were struck — or where they tanked — without a mechanism to track answers. Forget to set up separate telephone lines or chase clients for demographic information. Use technology to discover where your leads originate.

Remember you include that coupon on the door hanger? Assign unique codes and website URLs to door hangers in various communities. If you benefit from your exclusive offer, you will know where they came from immediately.

In the case of Sonia, she added a secret code on her flyer, which could be checked out by the customer. When consumers buy their sandwiches, their staff can enter the code on the register, allowing them to tag transactions affected by this specific promotion.

Ready your Lift Pitch

Finally, unless you employ another company to distribute your door hangers, you have a fantastic opportunity to sell additional products: facetime with potential clients. Prepare a lift pitch before heading out of the door – a quick snippet that concisely defines your firm and its consumer advantage. With a spot in mind, when someone opens the door and asks what you do, you will never be tongue-bound. Make sure you dress professionally, too, and make a good impression. In other words, leave home the cut-off shorts and the ratty old T-shirt performance.