Your Guide to Compelling Business Presentations



If you missed the days when business presentations were done on overhead transparencies and slides were actually transparent sheets, you should consider yourself fortunate. Nowadays, we have powerful tools like PowerPoint that help users to streamline the process of creating presentations and sharing them with others.

From creating grafts and slides to creating a flow for your presentation, a lot goes into putting together an effective presentation. Continue reading to get some tips that will help make your next PowerPoint presentation your best one yet.

A presentation design company can help enhance your presentations.


There are certain industries where putting together business presentations is an essential part of their operations, but most small businesses never have to worry about putting together a presentation unless they’re trying to attract new investors. However, if you’re trying to put together a presentation for stakeholders or a business plan for prospective investors, you need a professional presentation rather than whatever you turned in for a book report in high school.

The best way to save a lot of time and headaches on PowerPoints is to hire a PowerPoint company to create a PowerPoint using your brand guidelines to create PowerPoint slides that fit your company profile. Using the Slide Master tool, presentation experts can even create a corporate template complete with your brand guidelines, company logo, and color scheme that you can use for future presentations.

Create consistent templates for your presentations.


Sometimes, team members go overboard with company presentations. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to make a lasting impression and get a good response for your efforts, but it’s best to keep corporate presentations simple.

Remember, the goal of a presentation is to convey an idea, proposal, or strategy. Your priority should be to deliver a specific message rather than dazzle stakeholders with your ability to incorporate mesmerizing visuals and abstract shapes into a slide show.

The best way to ensure your company presentations are always professional and captivating is to create templates using Slide Master. You don’t want a keynote presentation to get lost in moving graphs and icons.

By creating your own templates, you can create a layout that your team members can use for presentation design. They can still change certain aspects of the layout such as the font and other specifications, but you can create a master slide that serves as a company template for all major projects.

Use infographics to present data.


Staring at numbers and waiting for them to tell you a story is one of the most boring parts of attending business meetings. One of the first things you’ll learn from a consultant at a presentation design service is that if you want people to pay attention to data, you have to put it in a more palatable format.

Creating diagrams, illustrations, and graphs that use different color schemes that match your brand identity is the best way to get people to pay attention to the numbers. The key is to use visual aids that highlight the information you’re presenting. Creating unique slides makes your presentation more engaging. However, you don’t want to add so much to your content slides that it takes away from the message you’re trying to get across.

Practice your business presentation until you nail it.


It’s important that you put as much time into practicing giving your presentation as you put into creating it. You must assume that everything that can go wrong will go wrong and prepare accordingly.

It’s a good idea to do your company presentation in front of your spouse or a friend you can count on to be brutally honest with you. Once you’re able to pass their test, you should deliver your presentation in front of a colleague. Repetition is the best teacher, so the more times you give your presentation, the more comfortable you’ll become.