When should you file for a Premises Liability Lawsuit in Florida?



What happens if you get injured on the property of some other person? Are you eligible to file a premises liability lawsuit? The best way to find answers to these questions is by getting in touch with reputed and experienced Miami Premises Liability Attorneys. They will study your case in-depth and accordingly suggest you follow the best course of action.

As per the law, owners are responsible for their property, open space, or a building, providing a safe and secure environment to their visitors. The owner of the property needs to follow a duty of care, a legal responsibility to provide a safe property. They need to take essential safety precautions that will help prevent visitors from coming to any harm. If the owner fails to comply with these precautions and accidents occur on their premises, the victims can file a premises liability lawsuit in Florida. This claim will help them get justice for their suffering and pain. These lawsuits cover falling equipment, slips and falls, lack of security, animal attacks, injuries, and fires sustained at swimming pools and construction sites.

The Miami Premises Liability Attorneys build a strong case to help victims get justice from the catastrophic impact. They also help in getting compensation. The lawyers consider the following criteria-

  • The plaintiff must show legal ownership of the property by the defendant at the time of accident occurrence.
  • It is important to prove that the defendant is the legal owner of the property in question.
  • Finally, the most important criteria that need to be met prove the defendant’s negligence in taking care of his property.

Once the property ownership is established, the plaintiff’s attorney must show negligence in not fulfilling his duty of care. His failure to warn visitors of latent and known dangers that may befall them when visiting the property is a huge point. The duty of care is also applicable to conditions of the property that may be known to the owner, but he failed to exercise reasonable vigilance.

The attorney must prove the defendant’s negligence in providing a safe environment for the visitors visiting the property due to which the accident occurred. They also need to prove the accident and how it resulted in injuries to the victim, all because of the property owner’s negligence. If the property owner’s carelessness is proved, it builds a strong case, and the chances of winning a compensation claim increases.

When you are a victim of such an unfortunate event, it is imperative to look for a renowned and reputed attorney who can fight your case in a court of law and help you seek justice. The attorney needs to prove the property owner’s negligent behavior, his various actions that led to serious injury to the victim. The claim filed in the court will include the cost of ongoing medical treatment, the extent of damage due to the accident, and long-term injury impact on the life of the victim. Get in touch with an experienced attorney and file a suit in the court, and get compensated for the injuries sustained due to someone else’s negligence.