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I am a fan of improvisation while traveling. I like to let myself be carried away by the meetings, the opportunities to guide my path. On the other hand, I am also adept at preparing the trip in advance to be peaceful once on the road and have a completely free mind. In my opinion, here are the main steps in preparing for a trip, from imagination to purchasing the equipment.

A trip is a dream first of all, it arises as a secret desire and then it takes your guts, it becomes necessary and there it is: we decide to leave! For me, this is the first step: let your imagination run wild, without censoring any desire, no idea. We escape, we see the big picture. We think about the destinations that attract us and all the experiences we would like to have.

Define your travel budget

It is not easy to define a travel budget and you often have to do it with the means at hand. If you don’t have any cash on hand, here are some tips for saving money for your trip. If you already have your little money, whether modest or rather comfortable, perfect you already have a defined budget. If you have a few pennies aside and you don’t know how much to allocate to the trip, ask yourself the right questions: what activities will you want to do, what destinations you would like to visit and how you would like to travel? (hotel or rather hostel, by renting a car or taking the bus, etc.). If you want to go to Cancun, it’s recommended if you visit consejosdecancun.

Specify the format of your trip

It is about understanding the framework that you offer to your trip to organize it accordingly: are you leaving with work, for your studies (internship, gap year etc.), by taking unpaid leave or a sabbatical year, without obligation and by your own means, etc.

About your passport

Be careful, if your passport is six months from the expiration date it might be worth applying for a new one. Indeed, some countries require that the expiration date of the passport be at least six months after the date of entry into the country and sometimes even the expiry date of the visa.

Plan your travel itinerary

After defining your budget, the format of your trip and the duration of it, you have decided on the destinations you would like to visit. If you are visiting several, it is good to define an itinerary that makes sense to avoid round trips that will cost you dearly in transport. For my part, I also thought about the most logical route between countries for the sake of saving carbon emissions generated by my journeys by plane and which is also the cheapest possible when traveling: Burma> India> Nepal.

Buy your plane tickets (or other transport)

Once the itinerary has been confirmed by checking the formalities, it’s time to find the ticket at the best price (article?) And buy it. The company may ask you for your passport number, hence it is necessary to already have one at this stage of travel preparation. At this stage, the setting up of the trip is well advanced: your departure is confirmed!

Choose your travel insurance

First of all, and even if it’s not the first reflex or the first thing we want to think about, we cover ourselves! Abroad, we can be confronted with all kinds of situations from which travel insurance can protect us by offering us very specific guarantees.

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