Check for These Signs to Know If Your Garage Door Needs Servicing



The weather of Houston is quite unpredictable and all that we know is that during summer, it is going to be very humid and hot. Due to this reason, it can cause damage to many parts of various appliances at home and your garage door is not an exception.

When the weather becomes dry, then due to direct sunlight your garage door may be under extreme stress. Therefore, without maintenance, your garage door may lose its shape too.

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It is always necessary that we must pay regular attention to garage door as it is being used daily by most of the members of your household. Particularly, if your garage door stops working suddenly then it will create a lot of inconvenience.

The following are the 3 simple signs that can alert you that your garage door will be needing servicing very soon.

1. Your garage door will stop opening or closing properly

There can be several reasons why the door is not properly opening or closing, but the following 3 are the most common reasons:

  • Faulty sensor
  • Broken spring
  • Misalignment

Weather changes also can affect significantly the mechanical function of your garage door. You must therefore keep your garage door protected from moisture-based weather, like rain, sleet, and snow.

Particularly, if your garage door is wooden then it is more important to protect it against moisture. Also, it is wise to check the garage door opener, because colder temperatures can also hinder your moving parts. So, you must lubricate the moving parts.

2. The garage door will have a little slow response time

Generally, the garage door must open or close just after pressing your code almost immediately. However, if you notice a delay in the garage door’s operation, then it can be a bigger issue.

You may check whether by applying a lubrication oil it can be resolved or not. If that does not help then perhaps you may need to call a professional. Attempting to repair in the DIY way is not only too time-consuming but also very frustrating.

Only a person who is regularly repairing and maintaining such doors can quickly resolve the issue. Also, the use of proper lubrication is important to the running of your motor smoothly.

1. The garage door starts making plenty of noise

The noise is usually because of loosened hardware. Due to improper lubrication, often the items like rollers, springs may wear out. Often these issues can be fixed very easily. However, if you find that your DIY effort is not yielding any result then it is better to call a professional to handle the issue.

The reason for such sound can be because the tracts are bent due to any loosened fasteners. Try to check if any screws are getting loose and tightening them could resolve the issue.

As such due to loosening up of your door’s hinges, rollers, chains, nuts, and bolts may cause these noise.

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