Mistakes people make when hiring a sex harassment lawyer



Are you facing some legal issues regarding sexual assault? Do you need a legal expert to help you navigate the issues surrounding the litigation and deliver justice? Then there are mistakes that you need to avoid.

There are thousands of attorneys in the market today, and everyone is pushing their way to make a killing. Most of these are just out to take advantage of the innocent masses. Don’t fall into that trap. This article outlines the few mistakes that you must avoid.

Believing the “years of experience” fallacy

Many law firms will claim so many years of experience in matters regarding sexual assault. These will tell you that they have dealt with numerous cases, but they exaggerate to hoodwink you in essence.  Such hype will only lead you to make the wrong choices. When a sex attorney claims experience, find out how many cases similar to yours they’ve handled successfully. That way, you can believe their story.

Going for a “big” law firm

The big firms in every industry tend to behave in a way that is not attractive to individuals. The competence of an attorney is not pegged on the size of the law firm. If you want someone who will give you undivided attention, you’d better go for medium-sized or small legal firms that have sexual harassment legal experts.  These will walk with you and ensure that you’re out of the hooks.

Cost as the main priority

If you are looking for a sex attorney based on their charges, then you’re doomed.  For every service in the industry, you get what you pay for. Getting a good and an experienced sex lawyer, you’ll have to stir up a few more dollars. These usually charge higher because of the process involved in preparing and arguing out your case. After all, all you’re looking for is justice delivered to your favor. Sex cases are very sensitive, and any small mistake on your lawyer may mean years in jail or a considerable penalty. Thus, you’d better pay more to get an attorney who can help you.

Not doing research.

A good San Francisco sexual harassment attorney doesn’t just come “from nowhere.”  Some people think that the referrals they get from relatives and friends are good enough to help you.  That is part of the things you need to do but not the only thing. You have to check from the internet; get more information from reputable organizations like The Bar Association of San Francisco. Take advantage of the many attorneys in the market and choose the right one.

Not having a written agreement.

Sometimes the law will recognize oral agreements, but other times, such may not hold water. When dealing with a sex attorney, you have to demand a free written contract.  That entails all parameters that will be covered, the services’ cost, and even modes of payment. In case you’re not satisfied with them, you can seek recourse from the association.

When looking for a sexual harassment attorney, it is crucial to do enough research and get someone with academic qualifications and good experience in such legal matters.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.