Why does Every Gamer need Gaming Glasses?



If you are a gamer, you must have come across gaming glasses. An efficient pair of glasses for your eyes protection while you continue to enjoy playing COD, Doom or Halo on your Xbox or PS4. Eye problems are quite frequent when we stare at screens for an extensive amount of time, at times it becomes severe by leading to eyes burn, dry or sore.

Eye problems caused by the screen aren’t worth neglecting as these problems pile into the possibility of permanent eye disease. When we stare at the screen for a long time, our eyes are strained due to the continuous attack of blue light. Thereby, to protect our eyes and still continue to work on screens, gaming glasses or mostly known as blue light glasses are getting rapidly popular among top gamers.

At the end of the day, we want our eyes to remain healthy so protecting from anything that’s too much is pretty necessary. With greater attention, people have also started to wonder if gaming glasses are truly effective.

How do these gaming glasses work?

What are gaming glasses?

How does gaming glasses protect our eyes?

And, there’s a lot more. In this article, we aim to solve all queries about blue light glasses so that you don’t make any wrong investment.

What are Gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses aren’t quite different from a regular pair of glasses. These glasses are specially designed to block incoming blue light rays by either blocking or absorbing these rays. It helps gamers to continue gaming for prolonged hours (as usual) without experiencing any discomfort or risk for future eye diseases.

The blue light that’s emitted from the digital screens are shorter, but in higher energy that if we stare into the screen for an unhealthy period of time, these light can damage the cells in the eyes. You can experience the symptoms of digital eye strain such as dry-eyes, eye-strain, headaches, blurred vision, watery eyes and many more. When you experience such problems frequently, it’ll impact your gaming experience. Most importantly, blue light rays emission will cause damage to your eyes health and result in sleep deprivation.

Gaming glasses are quite new to the market, but even in such a short span, these glasses are all the rage among avid professional gamers. You can buy glasses online in different lens colours, shapes and sizes to not just keep your eyes at ease but your fashion at peak.

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What do Gamer glasses do to our eyes?

It’s quite often to come across questions like “Are gaming glasses for me?” or “How do I know if gaming glasses are for me?”. Since gaming glasses are relatively new, it’s common to have some questions about these new hot trends that are all over the internet.

To answer such questions, you must know what gaming glasses do to resolve your query. Gaming glasses are effective as these glasses come with an advanced blue light filter that eliminates the blue light from passing through the lens. And thereby damaging your vision and causing eye problems and discomfort.

When we use our digital devices for gaming, the blue light from the screen continuously causes eye damage and reduces your gaming experience. Eye problems like eye-strain, headache and others are grouped together to be scientifically known as “digital eye-strain”. What a lot of us don’t know about blue light rays aside from causing eye problems and discomfort is that it also causes sleep deprivation.

Yes, that’s right! Blue light disrupts our natural sleeping pattern by suppressing the release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. That results in convincing the brain that its complete daylight and in return, you stay active, alert and awake.

The good news is that gaming glasses are significantly helpful in protecting your eyes from active blue light absorption and keeping you out from getting less sleep. Apart from blue light, glare emitted from the screen can also bother your eyes. Make sure you get gaming glasses with anti-reflective coating that’s effective in reducing glare and providing sharper images.

How do I know if blue light glasses are for me?

If you are reading this, then probably YES. The best way to know if you need gaming glasses is by checking your eye condition. If your eyes aren’t under a strain, or often leads to blurry vision, redness, itchiness or other discomforts then you are good to go. But then if you spend more than 4 to 5 hours on the screen, then blue light glasses are a must.

Gamers’ track record of time spent on digital screens are not always good. So to maintain good eye health, sleep and better clarity while gaming, you must look for these blue light glasses.

You’ll find many blue light cheap glasses online in beautiful design, colour and pattern. If you are looking for trendy and stylish designs, then pastel transparent frames or metallic round glasses are an excellent choice. If you just want a laid back, blending in the background style, then dark or neutral frames also make an exquisite style. You can buy high-quality blue light glasses at the most affordable range from Specscart.

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