5 Reasons Why You Need Critical Illness Policy



Everyone needs to stay fit and healthy. It’s not possible to predict what will happen next with your health. Critical illness can occur anytime and can affect you both physically and financially.

Critical illness can be life-threatening and can occur to you anytime.

The Critical illness policy covers acute illnesses such as Heart attack, cancer, kidney failure, stroke, just to mention a few.   The number of critical ailments is increasing with time.

But you might be wondering why you need the criticall illness insurance policy. Read on;

No.1 Take care of you your expensive medical cost for critical illness.

Critical illness is life-threatening. It can occur to you anytime. It drains one’s financial muscles since it happens unexpectedly. The medical expenses are expensive, and that’s why you need to save for it early. But with the ever-increasing emergency expenses, it can be difficult to cater to your medical bills. That’s where Critical illness policy comes in handy. It will cater to all your expensive medical bills.

No.2 Offers Compensation for your daily expenditure.

An illness, especially a critical one, requires leave from work. In some instances, it can leave or lead you to unemployment. As a result, you lose your income, adding up to more problems. Once you are diagnosed with the illness, your insurer pays you a lump sum amount. In case you had post-payment savings for your bills, you can use your money as a substitute for the lost income.

No.3 Financial security

Paying your medical bills in the absence of medical insurance policy is not easy.

With increased medical expenses, critical illness treatment uses all your savings completely. These might be difficult for you and your family.  But with this policy, you are cushioned against unpredictable critical illness.

No.4 Acts as a substitute for your lost income

It’s up to you as a policyholder to use your payout.

This payout can be used to pay your other expenses such as school fees or other none medical expenses.

No.5 Gives you peace of mind.

When you already know your critical illness expenses are catered for, you will have peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about medical bills. This helps you concentrate on your treatment peacefully. Without forgetting, your policy gives you tax exemption.

Critical illness can occur anytime to anyone, and that’s why you need a critical illness policy. You should find a policy which is pocket friendly. Don’t let critical illness get you off guard and strain you physically and financially; both you and your family.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.