How To Make Next Year Your Best Year

You’re probably familiar with the most dreaded “new year’s resolutions” as the end of a year draws near. All over social media, all you see is “How to make next year your best year”, followed by some strict and boring diet.

Although health is crucial, it is not the only thing determining happiness and general well-being. Your hopes and dreams matter, as does your career. After all, you spend most of your time working on it daily, so it’s no wonder experts consider having a career coach as a smart investment.

What else is there to consider? How do you prevent feeling overwhelmed while building your ideal lifestyle? We tell all!

Out With the Old, In With The New

We all love clutter, don’t we? You may also be guilty of not just physical clutter but mental clutter. As the year ends, reflect on it and the valuable lessons the 12 months taught you. Perhaps there are people to forgive? Get yourself in a better mental state to approach the new year and all it has to offer.

Take a day off to eliminate clutter and donate what you can – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This includes digital clutter. All those email subscriptions that fill up your inbox? Maybe try to hit the unsubscribe button on the ones that aren’t of value to your current stage of life.

This process also includes breaking old or unhealthy habits. Make a list of things or areas in your life you wish to improve. Then break it down into small and easy steps to help you break those habits, be it to quit smoking or focus more on finding inner peace.

Give Your Career a Boost

Knowledge is power. Even if you’re working your dream job, gaining more knowledge is always a good idea, so you don’t get bored and you’ll be ready for any promotions or new ventures that interest you. Do a few short courses and refresh your memory on the ones you’ve done so far.

When applying for a new job, give your resume a makeover. First impressions last. Experts suggest using a CV writing service to ensure yours has a fresh and professional look. This will increase your chances of getting that position you hope for.

If you don’t have your dream job yet, work towards chasing your dreams by writing down your goals and creating easy steps to reach them. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Optimal Health

You probably hate a boring diet! But make no mistake, a healthy diet accompanied by exercise is vital for physical and mental well-being. You don’t have to part with your favourite snack or a night out drinking, but moderation helps you maintain a healthy balance.

Follow a healthy diet, a simple exercise regime, and healthy sleeping habits, and you’ll immediately see the positive effect on your life and overall mood. You are all you have – take care of your body and practice regular self-care. The following could have a remarkably positive impact on your well-being:

  • Meditation
  • Healthy sleeping habits
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Joining a gym
  • Yoga classes   

Get off the couch and let the increase in activity help you feel better next year!

Visualise Your Goals

Having goals is inspiring, but you need to work towards them daily, bit by bit! While an enormous project can seem too daunting, smaller milestones seem realistic and cause less stress.

Here’s a practical way to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and reach your full potential:

  • Visualise your dreams utilising a vision board.
  • Break your goals into smaller attainable steps.
  • Set due dates for all steps, so you can plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Refer to this plan regularly and make life decisions that benefit these outcomes.

Just remember to celebrate the small achievements as much as the big ones; otherwise, it could feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Lastly, your words and thoughts have power, so speak positively about your life, goals, challenges, and circumstances.  

Get the Better of Your Finances

You may dream of financial health and freedom. This directly impacts your mental and physical health since financial troubles can lead to stress. Create a budget you can stick to, manage your debt well and check your credit scores regularly.

Remember the advice from Warren Buffet – “Don’t save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving”. Do not let your money get the better of you and be cautious not to give in to spending urges over the holiday season. Be prepared by spending money wisely and building up a savings account for unforeseen circumstances.


In a nutshell, making next year your best year is easy if you keep in good physical, financial and mental shape. Always keep your eye on your goals and take as many breaks as you need, but never quit! 

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.