How To Know If Your Drain Is Blocked?



Every homeowner must have dealt with the nuisance of a clogged drain at least once in their lifetime. The awful smells, the slow water flow, or the dirty water coming out of your sink can stress you out in many ways. There is only one certain thing to do when it occurs: address the blocked drain before it transforms into a hazard to your property. There are two ways that you can do to fix this problem and those are pipe relining Sydney or you can choose the more traditional route by replacing the damaged pipes with new ones. However, it is important to identify the piping issue first to determine which solution will be the most effective. So how to know if your drain is blocked? Read on to find the answers.

Slow-moving drain

Does the water drain slowly on your property? It naturally happens over time, given all of the debris from food crumbs or soap that run down the drain daily. Eventually, the pipelines are bound to experience problems that make the water cannot flow smoothly. When the blockage gets worse, it might not function at all. It is highly recommended to inspect the pipe condition to check the root of the problem, whether it is the fixture’s issue or there is an issue in the sewer installation.

Increased water levels

If you start noticing that the volume of water coming out of your sink raises, you need to be cautious as it potentially signifies a clogged drain. Extensively in worse cases, this blockage may result in overflowing water. When it happens, the damage condition is undoubtedly severe and requires an immediate fix, because it will jeopardize your house if it is left unaddressed as soon as possible.

Awful smells

Food crumbs and other substances residues that flow down inside the drain can decay or transform into large debris that obstructs the water flow in your plumbing system. Both process can produce an unpleasant odour that will ruin your day. Therefore, if you begin to smell bad odours near your sink or toilet, you should conduct a plumbing inspection to find the root of the problems.

Gurgling pipes

If your house sounds like it’s gurgling, there is a huge possibility that your drain line is clogged. This sounds usually pops out due to trapped air in the pipe installation. If the condition gets worse, the noises will be louder. 

All of the above-mentioned signs are things that you need carefully watch out for. Timing is critical in solving blocked pipes. Therefore, immediately contact your trusted plumber, if those warning signs start to show up. A plumbing expert understands how to proceed accordingly to avoid further damage and is equipped with advanced tools to fix the problem with pipe relining solutions or pipe replacement. If the severity level can be fixed by creating a solid pipe inside the existing one, it is much more recommended as it will save you a lot of time and money, because it won’t interfere with the landscape that will cost you more money to fix the damage after pipe replacement job.

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