How to Manage Your Time Effectively in the 21st Century



We’ve all been there. Overstressed, overworked, and dropping the ball in so many areas of life. Time management helps us overcome all this, and enables us to live a more fulfilled life. So, whether you select family meal delivery Melbourne residents love, or whether you simply cut out some kids’ activities, it’ll make your life easier. And we’ve got all the tips that really work.

Benefits of Time Management

Managing your time gives you many benefits. Not only will it affect your physical and mental health, but it’ll also give you space for enjoying life more. You may choose a fast-paced life, or you can select slow living. Both need a fair amount of planning, because there are always tasks that need doing. And you will reap the benefits of managing your time well, including the outcomes below.

Lower Your Stress

Firstly, you’ll find that you’re less stressed. You’ll have all your tasks done on time, and there’ll be no last-minute rush. You’ll also have more time for relaxing, and doing the things you love—hobbies, crafts, socialising and the like.

What’s more, as you tick off items on your to do list, you’ll see progress, and this will reduce your anxiety.

Empower You to Reach Your Goals

You have certain goals to reach, not only each day, but every month. Whether they’re relationship goals, personal goals or family goals, you will be able to not only set mini goals along the way, but also achieve major long term milestones.

If you do this regularly with work tasks, you’ll be able to realise your objectives in a shorter length of time.

More Time

If you set goals with time limits to achieve each one, you’re likely to have more free time on your hands. And that means more time that you can invest in even reaching more than you originally expected in life.

But how do you do this?

How to Manage your Time

Managing your time involves several factors that, when working together, will produce a life that runs more smoothly and with fewer mishaps.

Set Up Priorities and Non-negotiables

The first step is to list different areas of your life where you need to reach your goals. These can be:

  • Personal: health, fitness, sleep, anxiety-management, interactional.
  • Relationships: family, boss, partner, colleagues.
  • Work: Long-term and short-term aims for your career and for daily achievements.
  • Social: Set goals for engaging with others.
  • Recreation: Aim for healthy recreation time. Develop hobbies which make you well-rounded and help you relax.
  • Spiritual: What aspects of your spiritual life do you want to develop? How will you get there? What steps will it take to get there?

When you have your list, set your goals for each area, and break those up into mini-objectives and daily tasks. Next, plan those tasks on a task scheduler. Smaller milestones are easier to reach than facing a huge mountain to climb all at once.

Drop Non-essential Tasks

One of the most important steps on your list is to cut unnecessary tasks. For instance, you may find that you’re constantly doing last-minute shopping for your meal that night. If you simply plan your meals and ingredients ahead of time, you’ll cut out unnecessary running around to shop.

Car journeys are one of the most crucial elements to avoid where possible, because they are the biggest timewasters. So, if you have kids that do sport, take turns with other parents to drop the kids off or pick them up. And if you can arrange working at home, you’ll save yourself hours of sitting in traffic every week.

Set a Time Limit

When you set your goals, mini-objectives, and tasks, make sure you also set a time limit in which to achieve them. Yes, life happens, and you’ll encounter emergencies that require you to adjust the plan. But setting a time limit means that you don’t procrastinate as much, and having deadlines—even those you pick yourself—prompts you to work quickly and efficiently.

Use a Scheduler and Planner

One of the great advantages of our era is having apps! And some of them help us plan our goals, objectives and tasks efficiently, and to multi-task while juggling various areas of our lives.

You may be a visual person, and write on a big white board every week, but even so, nothing can beat these apps in terms of their scope and capabilities. And, you have features like reminders, right in the palm of your hand.

It’s important to get the right app for your personal life, but you’ll find that you can juggle a huge number of tasks simply by plotting them on your app.

Allow Breaks and Recreation

An essential item not to miss is planning down-time to spend with your family, on your own, or even with friends. Time not planned for anything specific is good, but it’s even better to plan recreational activities.

Buy Fresh, Healthy Pre-cooked Meals

One of the joys of modern life is that you can buy healthy meals that are delivered to your door that you can freeze and heat up when you need them. Even dietary requirements, like gluten-free meal delivery, is catered for. So, no matter your lifestyle choices, there are ways to make the best of your time.


There are myriads of ways to save time in our modern age. Now, with all the hours you’re saving, go do something you enjoy for a change!

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.