7 Expert Tips to Decorating a Small Apartment Space



Have you recently moved to a small apartment? Does the thought of decorating such a small space leave you baffled? As a landlord, do you need furniture for a new apartment building you’re managing? If you have answered yes to any one of these questions, then read on. This article is for you!

One of the most effective starting points is to invest in the furniture for hotels that so many apartment dwellers are opting for. This is because hotel furniture can be designed in smaller dimensions. Our experts also share additional tips to make small spaces both functional and stylish.

Design Tricks for Small Spaces

Experts agree. The secret to effectively designing a small space is all about using our clever design tips. The good news is our expert tips are easy for anyone to do. Especially number 4 below is a quick fix that anyone can achieve.

1.     Choose a General Colour Scheme Throughout

In larger homes, having different rooms, each with its own colour scheme is often the norm. However, in an open-plan studio-type apartment, multiple colours can make the space look cluttered.

A common design tip for smaller spaces is to use a general colour scheme. Ideally, a neutral colour is best as it creates a better flow. To add some character, use brightly coloured décor items such as scatter cushions, throws or artwork. Moderation is key here—you don’t need cushions or throws on each open chair.

2.     Opt for Narrow Furniture

Big, bulky furniture has no place in a small apartment space. If an apartment has narrow spaces, you’ll want furniture pieces that don’t overwhelm the space. Design experts often start their search for the perfect furniture for smaller apartments by looking for hotel furniture for sale. These are space saving, but still look amazing and extremely functional.

Key suggestions to make the best of narrow spaces include:

  • Place shelves for books and ornaments against the wall to save floor space
  • Don’t place sofas in the centre of the room—rather against a wall
  • Choose furniture with narrow legs to lessen the bulky effect on the floor
  • Use narrow coffee tables such as old trunks or even ottomans
  • Modern furniture pieces made of glass or acrylic are more streamlined and manage to serve their function without creating visual clutter

3.     Use High Ceilings to Your Advantage

If your apartment has high ceilings, you can utilise another common design tip that the pros follow:

  • Use tall mirrors against the wall: This will automatically make the space look bigger.
  • Mount curtains several inches above the actual windows: Doing this draws the eye upward and provides the illusion of a bigger space. Some designers even suggest hanging curtains from floor to ceiling. If the walls are a dark colour, light coloured curtains are ideal, and vice versa.
  • Use the windowsills: If your windowsills are big enough, consider using them to place decorative objects, books and even plants. Avoid making them look cluttered and focus on a general theme. Simply avoid items and materials that will deteriorate in the sun.

4.     Hang Several Plants

In a small setting, there might not always be space for a plant in the corner. In this instance, it’s time to get creative! To avoid your greenery cluttering your space or using valuable floor space, consider some hanging baskets.

Ideally, consider hanging them at different height levels. Plants are also fabulous corner fillers. Hanging herb baskets above your kitchen counter is also an inspiring idea!

5.     Consider a Statement Rug

If your apartment floors are tiles, wood or laminate, adding a single statement rug is a good idea to tie your décor together. Where you have an open plan design with the living room and dining area in one space, consider adding a narrow rug under the dining room table. If space allows, add one under the coffee table as well. This identifies each space, without losing the sense of openness.

Alternatively, depending on the layout of your space, one large rug might work better. Be sure to choose rugs that aren’t too fluffy and bulky as this will make the space seem crowded.

6.     Consider the Power of Three

When it comes to décor, our experts suggest embracing the power of three. For instance, on your coffee table, three small candles or pots will have a more stylish effect than one enormous flowerpot.

This same principle can be applied on shelves where you’re placing ornaments and picture frames. Instead of placing an overwhelming art piece on your living room wall, consider three narrow paintings or portraits next to each other.

7.     Place Lighting in Layers

Big and bulky lighting fixtures belong in large open spaces. For smaller spaces, consider keeping your lighting at different levels. Opt for a mixture of modern floor lamps, task lights and wall-mounted lights. This will ensure that your lighting still creates a well-lit room without being overbearing.

Final Thoughts

Living in a small space doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to cluttered living. Using some of our tips will ensure that an apartment is just as cosy and stylish as a large family home!

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.