Top 7 Things To Do To Enhance Your Time in An Escape Room



When it comes to solving the puzzles of an escape room, time is always a very important factor. Irrespective of whether you are new in the world of escape rooms, or are an old and experienced player, the clock is always ticking. Successfully escaping an escape room will require teamwork, communication, and some preparation.

Here we have discussed everything that you need to keep in mind to maximize your time in escape room games, and thereby win the escape room ATL game.

7 things to do to maximize your escape room time

1. Reach the facility early

To solve the Paranoia Quest escape room in Atlanta puzzles in time, you have to be sharp and calm. Their escape rooms are surely nerve-wracking, but then that’s the fun part. Well, to ease your anxiety, it is best to reach the venue before time. This will give your group the time to complete the formalities, and even use the washroom before entering the escape room.

2. Listen and concentrate on every detail of the introduction

Most of the escape rooms are designed keeping in mind a specific theme or storyline. Your game master will introduce you to this storyline in the introduction. Now, most individuals get distracted by their group members, but if you focus on this introduction well, you can get ample clues from it. If not clues, the introduction certainly holds critical information that can help solve the puzzles. 

3. Divide and conquer

Upon entering an escape room Atlanta you will surely feel overwhelmed. However, it is best if you and your teammates decide to split up. Start working on different clues or puzzles.

4. Be quick about it but stay calm

There is a lot to do and the time is very little (mostly 60 minutes). So, manage your time wisely and don’t waste it unnecessarily. Try to be as calm as possible, as you won’t be of any help to your teammates if you are running around the room frenzied.

5. Talk talk talk

One thing that will ensure you are winning the game is communication. You have to keep talking about everything you see around you. Let other team members know what you see and feel about certain objects (clues). This can be chaotic, but it is necessary.

6. Organize well

Try to make a mental list of every clue you find or keep all the interrelated clues in one spot. This will prevent you from looking for the same thing twice.

7. Don’t overthink

Escape rooms are designed keeping in mind the age and ability of individuals. This means, there are not going to be puzzles for which you have to be a genius. All you need is good focus and the ability to think outside the box. For most puzzles, look for simpler solutions. 

Lastly, don’t panic or rush. If you have found a perfect escape room near mefacility, focus on enjoying the experience more rather than winning the game. It is alright if you don’t win as far as you had fun.

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