The prejudice and taboos experienced by Brazilian paranormal experts to help society



Athos Salomé is a Brazilian paranormality expert who has served the country for the past 10 years. He has been the oldest known paranormality expert in Brazil. Athos Salome has some concerns regarding his country’s democratic approach to parapsychology and paranormality.

Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. With a population of 211 million people and an area of around 8.5 million square kilometres, It’s the world’s fifth-largest country by area and the sixth-most populous country.

This article pays head on an examination of a controversial discipline (parapsychology) in a Third World setting (Brazil). Instead of academic, secular parapsychology like that found in North America and Western Europe, opposing schools of the Catholic Church and the Spiritism movement structure and define parapsychology in Brazil. Explanatory theories including boundary-work tensions and interests assist to explain the distinctive structure of Brazilian parapsychology, but they don’t explain why it exists in the first place or why it appears to be so well fitted to Brazil. The dual, Afro-Catholic structure of the Brazilian religious system, as well as the relevance of personalistic and hierarchical ideals in Brazilian society, must all be considered to answer this issue.

Athos Salomé has experienced these issues of Brazil in his parapsychology expertise journey. He has made incredible and significant predictions through his gifts. Surprisingly, none of them made any news on the Brazilian press nor did the Society have any knowledge about the significance of parapsychology. Brazil is a third world country so people have to work hard and meet their ends amidst incompetent government, hunger and poverty. According to Athos Salome, the population needs psychological care as he knows the significance of mental health.

Athos Salome’s work has been praised by the international press and that he believes he makes a difference in the world through his prophecies. He’s just not a medium for his prophecies. His main goal in this world is to guide and comfort people in living in despair.

Because of the cultural complexity in which he lives, the beginnings and vicissitudes of parapsychological study in Brazil have not always distanced it from religion, alternative healing methods, superstition, and charlatanism. As a result, working as a parapsychological researcher in Brazil entails no financial security, an uncertain future, almost complete isolation from the academic world, and solitude in private libraries stocked with books, the majority of which are written in foreign languages and purchased by the researchers themselves.

Athos Salome has been a victim of these difficulties he has faced living in Brazil as a paranormality expert. Despite these difficulties and taboos. Parapsychology is getting recognition in the country due to the works and prophecies of people like Athos Salome, who made a worldwide recognition and has been praised by millions in the world.

No one expects to be recognized for being a parapsychology researcher in Brazil. But this fact has been changed by Athos Salome because of its immaculate work for the whole world to see.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.