Jaymes Schulte’s Journey From Humble Beginnings To Living the Dream



MMA enthusiasts may have known about Jaymes Schulte during his stint in the octagon ring. Well now, the former fighter is now living his best life, thanks to a series of business decisions.

Jaymes Schulte – From Nobody to High Roller

Jaymes had a turbulent life and moved from one place to another. He lived with other family members and didn’t do well in school.

However, he realized at an early age that he could fight well, and began training at a local gym. The passion grew, and Jaymes discovered that he could earn some money doing the thing he loves. Aside from that, he bought bull terriers and bred them as a side hustle.

Soon the UFC beckoned- Schulte joined a gym and started going to amateur fights and training. After experiencing moderate success, the natural born entrepreneur traveled to Hawaii and started a rental business there.

Every Business a Great Success

Schulte started a high rise condo rental and made money without too much effort. He experienced immense success and generated a good amount of income to live comfortably well.

Soon, Jaymes traveled the world again looking for another business endeavor. He tried going back to MMA but another opportunity was waiting for him. This time, it was the lure of technology and websites, and soon was in the process of creating his own brand platform.

Schulte then took his knowledge and past experiences and turned it into a veritable empire. But the former MMA fighter wasn’t done- he wanted to try out day trading in the stock market, and again achieved a great degree of success.

Schulte’s story is an inspiring telling of someone who pursues his passions and uses his natural talents to achieve success in this life. Currently, he is living the life he wants and enjoying every minute of it.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.