Nick Gomez Says That Behind Fear Come The Biggest Blessings



Most fears are only ideas we have created, or false evidence appearing real. When we are able to sort out the truth from the fiction, our lives are opened up to opportunities we may never have seen otherwise. When Nick Gomez decided he wanted to change the trajectory of his family’s life, he had to overcome mental barriers to get himself where he is today.

Growing up raised by a single mother, Nick wanted to find a way to ease the burden on his family. He learned the new age of digital currency and breaks it down into something consumable for even newcomers to master. With over 7 years of experience in entrepreneurship and trading, Nick has created his program, myswipecoin, that teaches hundreds of students worldwide to master the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. They get to learn from his expertise in crypto to find the same success for themselves.

Nick has a passion for helping people really understand the emerging industry of cryptocurrency. But when he started his journey, he faced criticism from family and friends as he was taking a risk in an unknown industry. Overcoming unbelief from people he hoped would support him was difficult, but it only proved to Nick why his service was so desperately needed. “I believe how I do it is because I genuinely care for the community and my students. ‘People over profits’ has always been my motto and I believe highly in service to others,” says Nick Gomez.

By listening to his calling, Nick was able to push past the negativity and allow positivity to flow into his life. Your mindset will determine 80% of your success in business. And if you want to create a strong mindset, there is no room for fear. “I believe behind fear come the biggest blessings. Fear is the illusional barrier before the most blissful opportunities and accomplishments,” says Nick Gomez.

Nick hosts conferences, events, and meet-ups all over the world to empower others to invest in crypto markets. Success, to Nick, is to do what you love while solving a big problem in the world. That’s what he aims to do with myswipecoin.