Rising Stars Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr. Score Gold In Silicon Beach Film Festival 2021

To be invited to the film festivals is a feeling of utmost superiority and gratification, expressly for fledgling and energetic stars. Rising star and social media influencer Alexandra Creteau and her husband David Murrietta Jr. have thrived such occasion numerous times. Once again, during Silicon Beach Film Festival, they both boomed the opportunity of representing Short Thriller Film “Vicious Circle”.

David Murrietta Jr, born in San Jose, CA and holds a proficient degree in law, turned actor and performed with titles such as “Underdog,” “Terry’s Women,” “Mom,” “Angelics: Ascension – Promo,” “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie,” and many others. Alexandra, who is renowned Instagram model and pursued her career in acting and modeling after moving to US, married David on august 14th, 2020. Alexandra known for her work as a social media influencer and model, also she known for directing her own short film like “The Imperfect Seduction” and playing a lead character in “Night of the Naked Dead” (feature film). 

The Star Couple commenced their journey as the representatives of “Vicious Circle” (short film) during the Silicon Beach Film Festival. The story of this Short Film circles around three individuals whose fates cross and turn into a series of mayhem-filled events. Alexandra and David executed as the key characters in the horror and thriller short film and directed by Edith and Robby McBride.

During the Silicon Beach Film Festival, the thriller short film appeared and pleased the audience. The Festival offers a blend of artistic work and technology creativity for its attendees. “Vicious Circle” earned fame as the “Best Short Thriller for 2021” category and imparted with the award. Hard work payed off during the Film Festival as Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr. played a fundamental role in this win by playing substantial role of main characters. 

After graduating from college in Ukraine, Alexandra Creteau left her hometown, and moved to United States to hunt and quench her thirst in acting and modeling. Star couple is followed by thousands of their fans on Instagram, and still mounting. They are monitored by tens of thousands subscribers on YouTube as well. David and Alexandra have been brand ambassadors of national and multinational firms. Currently, this couple work on creating lifestyle and fashion content on their Instagram pages and they film couple videos for their Youtube channel: Dalex Vlogs.

With the “Vicious Circle” win, David and Alexandra hope to take their acting career one step closer to start taking on more significant roles. David currently has a project coming to screens soon called “Soul Cage,” where he plays Officer Damon’s character (according to David`s imdb page and instagram). Alexandra also finished couple new projects recently, including “The African Twist” and new feature film ‘’The Memory Scanner’’. For more information about these projects visit Alexandra`s Imdb page and her Instagram.

The dominated couple invests a lot of time and vigor on creating new content for their supporters on social platforms, especially YouTube.  They hope only to get better with time and create networks in film creator circles across the country. Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr. devote most of their time in United States, but occasionally foldaway to diverse places for their leisure and joy. Entertainment and Film Industry will again be graced soon, with the presence of Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr as after the successful nomination of their film in Silicon Beach Film Festival, they are formulating themselves for more noteworthy roles.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.