How to Grow an Organic and Engaged Audience, According to Kris Krohn



The importance of organic customer engagements has become increasingly prominent in the business world. Industry leaders like ZARA and Tesla show how companies with the right strategies can thrive with minimal ad spending. Such methods are based on the fact that word-of-mouth remains the most dominant influence for audiences worldwide. In fact, Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers value the recommendation of family and friends over all other forms of advertising. What has changed, though, is how much these social circles have grown thanks to online traffic.

For real estate titan, breakthrough coach, and influencer Kris Krohn, mastering one’s presence in this online sphere is vital to finding success in today’s high-speed world. Through tried-and-tested strategies, Krohn has grown to have nearly 2 million aggregate social media followers and has helped thousands of clients grow their brands. Even more impressive is how his engagement techniques consistently transform idle followers into active partners and clients.

Content creation is central to this strategy—an increasingly popular marketing strategy utilized by up to 84% of brands today. Krohn’s brand releases up to 700 pieces of content through a variety of platforms each week. Beyond the volume, the technique’s effectiveness relies on being value-adding, with interesting and informative pieces that naturally engage a brand’s audience. An added advantage to this method is how a company can organically define its target market, generate conversations, and engage audiences through the smart selection of content topics.

This strategy is complemented by the variety of avenues and content that Krohn’s brands deliver. Aside from his social media pieces, Kris Krohn prides himself on giving away insane amounts of free value in the form of books, giveaways, and live-in-person and digital events.

On top of these, Krohn’s marketing team continues to run more traditional forms of marketing through email, funnel, and paid traffic campaigns. This focus on building a holistic marketing approach is also a leading concept in today’s top brands, being a priority for 86% of today’s brand marketers, according to Wheelhouse Advisors.

As part of this approach, Krohn ensures that building one’s audience goes beyond marketing to all parts of the operation. To this end, he believes that customer service rooted in authentic and transparent communication is pivotal to the continued growth of one’s audience. Companies should only create products and enter partnerships to be mutually beneficial to both client and company. For Krohn, proper customer service is a way to retain customers and transform them into willing advocates of the brand.

If there’s one thing Krohn hopes that aspiring entrepreneurs will take away, it’s that they should prioritize giving away value before anything else.

A brand’s every customer interaction, from product to marketing to communication, should serve as a value proposition. When customers see value even in the things one doesn’t sell, a strong interest in the products one does sell will naturally follow.

As Kris Krohn puts it, “If men and women can change their lives with what you give away for free, they’ll imagine how much more powerful your paid products are.”

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.