Growing Popularity of Divan Beds in UK

Comfort is the most important aspect one needs for a good, sound sleep. This is why bed manufacturers design bed dynamics to prioritise the comfort factor above everything. Today, all well-renowned bed brands such as Hypnos beds target their core audience through the comfort appeal.

One of the widely popular bed types available today in the UK is the Divan bed. These beds are equipped with various functionalities without losing out on their essence. A quality Divan bed not only gives the home a well-furnished look but also provides a number of other benefits that have made these beds popular among the UK population, as detailed below.

They Are Spacious

An important reason why Divan beds have become the favourite is that they are designed to provide the maximum amount of space for use. Their sleek designs use minimal area to provide additional storage in the form of drawers. These storage spaces can be a great help in keeping your home neat and clutter-free, as they are an excellent place for storing toys and other accessories. Furthermore, they are also space-saving options given their excellent frame area management.

They Denote A Classy Look

Divan beds hold a unique class of their own. The sleek designs clubbed with spacious Divan bases make bed frames that are nothing short of luxury, and can make a long-lasting impression. Further, these Hypnos beds also fit in well with almost any interior decor due to their design.

They Are Durable & Last Longer

Unlike other wooden bed frames, Divan beds stay sturdy and intact for a long time. These bed types have a much higher strength due to their dynamic structure, making them last longer than the traditional alternatives. Developed from high-quality Material of construction (MOC), these beds have high-strength finishing edges. The reinforced wooden beams and sheets on top and excellent joints make them durable and long-lasting.

They Are Easy To Assemble

This is an important characteristic of Divan beds. They are easy to assemble on the spot. Unlike traditional alternatives, these beds have a ready-made base that comes in one or two pieces, which avoids the hassle of arranging the topside bed slats or other likewise things associated with bed frames. All one needs to do is set-up the base and put the drawers in their slots.


Divan Beds have had an immense popularity growth in recent times given their wide number of benefits. These beds are available in a number of designs. Having a Divan bed in your bedroom can make it the focal point of attraction. The trends suggest a higher demand for these beds in recent times. Make sure you invest your funds to choose comfort at the right time.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.