Twitter Suspends 7,000+ QAnon Accounts Amid Conspiracy Theories



Social media platform Twitter today has announced that they have banned more than 7,000 accounts who spread tweets about a far-right conspiracy.

These accounts allege that an organization is moving against President Trump and those who support him. Twitter has suspended such accounts as they violate rules such as platform manipulation and spam and because they post content which could lead to harassment and other forms of offline harm.

Twitter has said before that they will take action versus those who violate rules against online abuse, running multiple accounts and those who try to bypass suspensions. Furthermore, the company states that they will be taking further action to limit the QAnon accounts’ reach, including no longer putting them in recommendation and trends and highlighting their tweets on search results.

NBC News reports that the move can affect approximately 150,000 Twitter accounts. A spokesperson of Twitter mentioned that they classified the activity as ‘new and harmful’ even when platform manipulation rules are already in effect.

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