Tips for Online Reputation Management by Pierre Zarokian

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

One of the easiest ways you can improve your online reputation is to setup different social profiles, specially on the major ones like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and be active on them. If you already have them, just be active, but you can still read this article to find what else to do.

1) Social Profiles:

– Create and register 100-300 social profiles.

– The major profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest will usually rank in the top 10 of Google with little or no SEO

– Some other social profiles that rank will include Flickr, Quora, ETSY,,, crunchbase, IMDB, Reddit, Spotify,, soundcloud, etc

– It is important to have unique Bios on each site and not to copy the same exact one. If you find it too time consuming or costly to do so, then at minimum use 20-30 bios to spread between the sites. Duplicate bios may not rank due to Google’s Duplicate Algo filter.

2) Micro Blogs

– Create min blogs on WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, Live Journal and Blogspot.

– Post unique bios on each and at least 2 unique articles

3) Twitter

Be active on Twitter. Posting 3-4 times minimum daily will make your Twitter posts to appear as a feed in Google search results usually on the main page, hence taking more real estate. It is also possible to use some automation tools to auto post from News RSS feeds of any site that offers that.

I will also recommend trying and increase the Twitter followers to at least 3000. If you post interesting content with hashtags, people may slowly follow you.

4) Vidoes

Youtube videos can be very powerful and rank in Google in Top 10 within minutes of posting. You can create cheap videos by creating slide shows of presentations or pictures. The video them must be optimized, by using keywords in the title, in the description and in the tags. Activity such as Likes, followers, views and comments will help the video to rank better. It is possible to artificially inflate these numbers by purchasing artificial likes, followers and views.

Also don’t forget about Vimeo and Daily Motion, two other popular video sites.

5) Quora

Quora is a Q&A site. You can open a profile on this site and answer random questions or post random answers. With some SEO, this profile can easily rank in the Top 10.

6) Wiki Sites

There are dozens of wiki sites out there, other than Wikipedia. Not everybody can qualify for a Wikipedia page and it can be very hard to get in, even if you have some news coverage. So try to get in some alternat wiki sites such as Everybodywiki, Wikialpha or Wikitia. With a little SEO these can also rank well. Another good one is Fandom, which is mainly for the entertainment industry.

I hope I have enjoyed this article and learned a few things about ORM.