Quick tips for your next backyard makeover

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

A recent Washington Post article has sung the praises of elaborate, exquisite backyards as “the new American status symbol.” It has become a growing trend among home design enthusiasts to create comfortable, aesthetically pleasing outdoor living areas that would put most living rooms to shame. The most expensive outdoor living areas may come equipped with televisions, hot tubs, man-made waterfalls, and televisions, but you don’t have to spend money on all of those features to create a backyard you can feel proud of.

There are a few easy ways to improve the appearance and functionality of your outdoor living space. First, it’s important to note that you’ll never feel fully satisfied with your backyard if it’s not a comfortable place to stay. Changing weather conditions can make your backyard troublesome and oppressive depending on the temperature. Having high-quality umbrellas that provide shade will allow you to comfortably lounge in your backyard during the hottest days of the summer. One recommendation would be Treasure Garden umbrellas. Treasure Garden has developed a reputation for creating versatile umbrellas with eye-catching fabrics and patterns. Choose a color that fits best among your backyard’s furniture and other fixtures. Don’t forget to add an umbrella light if you’re planning to stay outside and watch the stars at night.

As you may have guessed, another crucial element for your backyard makeover is the right furniture. Because of the aforementioned changing weather, you’ll need furniture that is both functional and fashionable. You may not want to bring your natural wicker chairs and tables outside, since they are prone to damage from moisture and sunlight, but you might want to consider getting outdoor wicker furniture. Unlike natural wicker furniture, outdoor wicker is not made from natural, plant-based materials. Instead, it is made from a synthetic resin that is designed to resist moisture and being wet, along with the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Despite its different materials, it does a great job of replicating the elegant weaved appearance of wicker furniture, making it ideal for homeowners seeking to create a tropical or classy atmosphere for their outdoor living areas. Even if you’re not a fan of wicker, you should look for outdoor furniture that is designed to survive nature and the elements.

Another way to improve the quality of your backyard is by changing your flooring or pavement. Your outdoor living area doesn’t have to look like it has been untouched by human hands. Replace your wild fields of grass with eye-catching stones or paving to make a lasting impression on visitors. Whether you prefer straight lines or elaborate designs, choose flooring that makes a statement.

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