5 Key Benefits of Tracking Phone Calls in a Business



Perhaps you are conversant with tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords. These tools can give you an insight into online traffic.

Although most customers search for details and make a purchase online, some statistics show that around 66% of customers prefer reaching out to a business by making phone calls.

So if you are not using phone call tracking, you might want to visit https://www.whocallingyou.com/ to know where the calls are coming from. And if you’re not convinced yet what tracking of calls can do for you, the following are benefits you could get from using the service:

1.    Improve Call Recording and Call Routing

A call center may anytime lose potential customers due to misrouted calls. Tracking phone calls helps a lot in effective routes of an inbound caller to staff members.

With tracking of phone calls, you may as well control where customer calls are routed depending on their needs.

Inbound calls can also be recorded through call tracking. This way, your call center will be able to assess the performance and productivity of your agents. Plus, it will help you know which common issues your clients are facing and what products they find preferable.

2.    Note Hard Working Workers

Workers are regarded as strong pillars of a business. Through phone call tracking, you may estimate the marketing staff’s performance. You will be able to determine which workers in the team deliver more leaders and who gets better results in terms of leads delivered and calls made.

With the help of this data from call tracking, some articles suggest that you will see the hard work of your marketing team to enable you to guide them. It as well helps to improve customer satisfaction.

3.    Collect Customer Feedback

Your clients will always have opinions about your services, products, and brand. Their feedback is really important in understanding and revealing prevailing sentiments regarding your services and products.

With call tracking systems, your customer service department will keep an eye on the conversation with customers that have insights, which you may use to make strategic and different business decisions, from improving customer service to withdrawing questions goods from the shelf and optimizing marketing strategies.

Bear in mind that the more feedback you gather, the more details you will collect about your clients. Both negative and positive feedback equates to actionable insight.

4.    Eliminate Wasted Ads Spend

Analytics and call tracking can help individuals who are looking for tips on how to avoid a different kind of spam call

At the same time, call tracking helps them cut ineffective marketing strategies and invest heavily in advertising channels.

5.    Determine the Keywords That Generate More Calls

There are two kinds of phone call tracking. These include session-based call tracking and 1-to-1 call tracking.

When it comes to the latter, DNI delivers very unique call tracking numbers for every medium, campaign, the keyword you wish to track, or specific ad platform.

The Takeaway!

Tracking phone calls is a vital tool to make marketing campaigns effective. Phone call tracking offers many benefits, including a better understanding of advertising campaigns and improving lead conversions. So phone call tracking will always give you a competitive advantage in the market.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.