What is natural oil and what are its benefits?

CBD oil, also called cannabidiol oil, is one of the medicinal components of the Cannabis sativa or marijuana plant and has multiple benefits. Although it is most commonly found as an oil, it also comes in oil-based capsules, extract or vaporised liquid.

CBD oil is thought to be effective in alleviating various symptoms and illnesses. In particular, it is considered to be an effective anticonvulsant. Only mild side effects have been detected in a wide range of doses.

It is important to clarify that marijuana has some components that generate psychoactive effects and some that do not. CBD oil is made from cannabidiol which, although it has effects on the nervous system, does not cause changes in consciousness and, in turn, brings with it some health benefits.

7 benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil Colombia has a wide range of therapeutic properties. In fact, it is a product with great benefits and among the best known are the following:

1. Energising

The body has natural cannabinoids and these influence brain and immunological aspects such as mood, emotions, pain relief, appetite and others. They also help to maintain the body’s natural energy balance.

CBD Colombia Bogotá oil acts on cannabinoid receptors and helps to restore the body’s natural energy balance when it has been lost, which is one of the main benefits. This happens due to stress, inadequate sleep, unbalanced diet, overwork, etc. Cannabidiol helps to restore energy.

2. Neurodegenerative disorders

Another benefit of CBD oil is that it helps to balance the nervous system and is therefore recommended as an adjuvant in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and even Alzheimer’s disease.

All of the aforementioned diseases weaken cognitive abilities and lead to depression. Cannabidiol would also act as an antidepressant and decrease agitation and aggression, two very common symptoms of such disorders.

3. For anxiety and insomnia

CBD oil is indicated for severe anxiety. These include panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder and even post-traumatic stress symptoms. It would also help with less severe problems such as social anxiety or nervousness. It would also help to reduce insomnia.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes is a very serious disease in which the body is unable to use glucose. It causes many considerable consequences including, in some cases, loss of vision and damage to various organs. Severe neuropathic pain is also common.

5. Cardiovascular health

There is limited evidence that it may help prevent and reduce cardiovascular problems. In general, CBD oil would offer benefits for the functioning of the circulatory system and heart conditions. On the other hand, it could help to reduce high blood pressure.

CBD is able to reduce organ damage and dysfunction in various cardiovascular diseases such as ischaemic injuries according to several studies. It also has hypotensive properties in stressful situations, without affecting blood pressure levels under normal conditions.

6. Pain and inflammation

CBD oil binds to endocannabinoid receptors and this contributes to the regulation of functions such as sleep, appetite and pain, offering multiple benefits. In this way, it would reduce the severity of pain and also reduce inflammation.

Therefore, this product is used to relieve problems such as chronic inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasticity and general pain and swelling. It would also help to recover faster from injuries.

7. Bacterial infections

A recent study published in the journal Communications Biology showed that cannabidiol has antibacterial properties against gram-positive micro-organisms. The study showed that the compound is effective against resistant bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Experts believe that cannabidiol has the ability to alter the cell membrane of bacteria, thereby inducing the death of the micro-organism. The in vivo topical effectiveness of the substance was demonstrated in the study and it is established that it has little ability to generate resistance.

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